November 27, 2008

Alright, done!

The concluding volume:


Full Metal Panic! Overload!

Volume 5: RS | MF | MU

Nothing to say about this, except that Kyoko is really cute without her glasses.

Next project will probably be Someday's Dreamers but I haven't got all the books yet, so you will have to wait a while. I also want to release at a slower pace from now on but I will see what happens.

Enjoy the book

Update: For those who care, I'm not at home for a while (I announced it so many times but it always got delayed...). I think it's going to be about 2 weeks but I can't say fore sure, so obviously no releases in this time.


  1. The FBI still don't knock on your door?..... just kidding :) here is a real question ¿why do you think that so many Americans (USA) are so paranoid with the "DON'T SHARE LICENSED MATERIAL" in the name of all is holy "DON'T DO IT" ?

    Pd.: Cool shared, really thank you very much.

  2. Because in USA the people understand what are the reason behind the law, it´s not only something you will have to break through using your contacts, corruption, etc.

  3. corruption? contacts? are we talking about manga here or am I wrong?.
    and if usa people are so ..... respectable of the law the why you get the raws (anime/manga) from japan for free when that is ilegal?

  4. Not all people respect the law, but most of the groups stop the distribuitation when the material is licenced in USA. And when I said contact, corruption, I was generalizating for many types of law, not just copright ones.

  5. I love the way Kyoko looks with her glasses, at least in the regular series. In Sigma, when Sousuke was defusing that bomb, her closeups reminded me of the girls from Rayearth.

    Any chance you would consider scanning the light novels?

  6. Let's just say it wouldn't be impossible. I've bought v1-3 in the past and just read that TP released v4-5 in February. Maybe I'll try to get that for myself at least.
    If you or anybody else for that matter does all the work (I'm scanning of course) I'd consider it. Otherwise the chance is pretty slim unless I've released all my other (Light) Novels.