November 4, 2008

another release

It's Girls Bravo volume 6!

Everything went smoothly, so i finished the next book.

Here are the download links:

Volume 6: RS | MF | MU

If it stays like this I might be able to finish volume 7 tonight and I hope at least volume 8 and 9 tomorrow, maybe even finish the series.

Enjoy the scans


  1. Thank you very much! I hope you can finally finish this series. I've been wanting to finish reading Girls Bravo Series. May i ask is there any difference between the manga and anime? Again, thank you very much!

  2. kraven: theres a difference, mainly in how it progresses. But most of the anime stories (from what ive read) are in the manga.

  3. THANK YOU!. I greatly appreciate this.

  4. iirc the ending in season 2 is something that wasn't from the manga, I think they tried to put some story in it, like a dramatic climax in Siren or somethink like that, but I don't remember it that good, since I didn't really liked it.

  5. DUDE!!! YOU ROCK!!! I love the series and the scans r cool; keep it up man!!