November 22, 2008

The Can't-Miss Conclusion To The Hit Genber-Bending Comedy!

At least that's what the back of the book says...


Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~

Volume 5: RS | MF | MU

Nothing more to say, except you can expect more soon, tomorrow or maybe even today.



  1. yay thanks a bunch.. was hopin`someone would finish it *claps*
    domo arigato ^_______^

  2. You guys are bloody awesome!
    I was discouraged to read this because it dropped.
    But now I can go on ahead and read it!
    Thank you!
    And I also plan on buying the manga, though.
    It's on my wishlist for amazon.

    But Tank you again!

  3. One last thing.
    And sorry if this is being ungrateful.
    But I was wondering if you guys were interested in picking up:

    1)First Love Sisters=
    2)Last Uniform=

    (Both are Yuri)
    Their by the same company, but the series is up in limbo because of financial cost...

    But it just a suggestion.
    No need to listen to me. ^_^

    And Thank you again for Kashimashi!!!

  4. Unless they get completed I won't buy them and even then I have to think about it first. But since I like yuri/shoujo ai and both series are only 3 Volumes long there is a possibility.

  5. Well, I believe that Last Uniform is released up to the 2nd Volume.
    But 3 is... well.
    Up in the air...

    And First Love Sisters volume 2-3 is in "rights hell." -Adam Arnold

    But nevertheless, thanks for the sign of a possibility.
    And thank you again!

    Well, I'll go read my Strawberry Panic Novels, again!

  6. Great work, dude and to think you live in Germany and pay more than the idiots living in the USA...who can even buy them cheaper at sales....SO KUDOS TO U! in Denmark I know how expensive it can get to get the english mangas you want to read.

    Wanna ask you this; any chance of scanning the rest of Basara?? lovely shoujo/josei about a girl on revenge on the killer of her twin brother. She becomes a central person in changing the history for the whole country :3

    laterz and thanks for the greatness^^

  7. thank you so much for yet another finished series. You rock man. btw i'm curious what other projects are you doing now? :)

  8. @T1
    I haven't read Basara yet and atm I'm not really interested in it, so the answer is probably no.

    Look at my Future projects post or my Projects Page.

  9. thank you very much for your job, we really apprenciate

  10. ah sorry, i have a sugestion. Are you interested in Scanlate Ai Yori Aoshi?, there are 18 volumes but 10 volumes are scanlated and it´s a pretty sweet romance story.

  11. Ai Yori Aoshi is being released atm, but I have said this in an older post/comment. I have the German release, so no scan there, also v11-17 seem to be here already

  12. Thank you very much, kashimashi is one of my favorite manga. Glad it finally completed

  13. I was waiting for so long for this volume... thank you.

  14. where's the other vol?

  15. wait, wat? The other volumes were scanlated by various groups, you can find them in many places on the internet, one being bakabt. Though I have to say, the quality of my release is really bad...