November 6, 2008


WEEE! Last volume of Girls Bravo. I didn't really like the series that much but well...


Volume 10: RS | MF | MU

Additionally, here is a bonus chapter, called Another Act, that seems to be included volume 10, some Collector's Book or whatever and I don't recall it being in the Tokyopop version, so I thought I'd just share it, for those who are interested, but it's only a RAW, it's _not_ in English and since I don't speak or read Japanese at all I can't translate it. Also I didn't scan this, I just took it from the v10 RAW that is on lurk and renamed the files. I don't know who scanned this, so I can't give any credit but it was definitly not me (look at the Qualitiy, compared to mine!). If somebody doesn't like that I put it here, please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.

Just on MF, you can also get it from Lurk, it's in the archive for the v10 RAW and probably some other places.

And then, finally a manga that I really enjoy! He Is My Master!


There weren't any releases for more than 1 1/2 years so now, chapter 12 and the extra chapter, which mark the end of volume 3.

Volume 3 Chapter 12: RS | MF | MU

Furthermore I scanned and added the covers of volume 1 and 2, because they weren't in the previous releases and it seems that at least the front is very similar to the Japanese version, but sadly, I won't be able to do any new releases of this series for a while, because I haven't got my copy of volume 4 yet!

My next project will be a short one, with only 2 volumes, so look forward to it.

Now enjoy the releases

Alright, small edit, since some people want to know what I'm going to scan next. It's going to be this:


Not that it matters very much, because I would have released it tomorrow (or today, depending on where you live)..but well, I just was a little bored and decided to scan the cover.


  1. Thx a lot! been waiting for the 12th chapter forever!

    Hope the 4th volume is scanned soon!

  2. Gratz on finishing Girls Bravo :D I do hope you will pick up another great manga :D I do recommand Hanaukyou Maid Tai :D it is awesome.

  3. Thanks but first, I don't have Hanaukyou Maid Tai and second and more importantly, there is no official English version available and I don't speak Japanese, I just scan the English releases.

  4. hey man thx for these series of releases. you rock man! ah btw i'm using the text in your releases to use them in the raws i found that are waayyy better, are you ok with that? Btw what is the other project you're doing and when is it gonna be released? and again thanks a lot for these releases.

  5. ah, i forgot. what are your projects, for the future? :)

  6. You can use the translation for whatever you like, since it's the one from Tokyopop, I don't care.
    Again: I don't translate, I just scan.
    And my next project is going to be released tomorrow.

  7. so happy that you are continuing with this HiMM manga!

  8. are you guys specialize on cancelled or dropped project?

  9. Well you could say that, but only if it's licensed and released in English of course.

  10. Thank you for the 10th volume of Girls Bravo, now I can read it peacefully till the last volume =)

  11. Soo.. since you're going to do eureka 7. you're going to do volumes 4,5 and 6 right? cuz the other volumes have already been scanlated.

  12. also. wanted to ask you if you have any of these mangas that haven't been finished. so, now i'm going to enumerate some mangas that have been started by manga groups but haven't been finished you check your mangas and if you have any of these can you scan it/them please: Ai Yori Aoshi (licensed by tp); Inukami! (licensed by seven seas); Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl (licensed by seven seas.... only the last volume to be scanned.); King of Hell (this is a martial arts manwha : it's been licensed by tp); Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai (licensed by tp); Lycanthrope Leo (this is about werewolfs : it's been released by viz media); Mahoromatic (this one hasn't been touched by anybody 2 years now, it's licensed by tp); Negima!? Neo (licensed by del rey); Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (licensed by yen press); Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives (by tp); Battle Vixens (by tp); Battle Club (v5 & 6 by tp); Voyeurs, inc (by Viz); Wolf's Rain (by viz media)... ok that's about it.. these are the ones discontinued due to licensing.. :( anywho check and see if you have any of these.. or maybe if you want to buy them :D and scan them after.
    thx, Necro.

  13. you wouldn't happen to have Princess Resurrection would you?

  14. To answer a few questions about possible future projects: After i finished Eureka Seven (which is only a spin-off, not part of the main series) I have only one more series I could scan. Since I'm from Germany I don't have that many manga in English.
    Now to address some suggestions directly.
    First of all, atm I have no series anyone mentioned in the comments here (in English that is). I have the German Version of Ai Yori Aoshi, so no scan there.
    I'm kind of interested in Kashimashi and Princess Resurrection. Also I'm a huge Suzumiya Haruhi fan, so probably I'm gonna buy the manga (even if it sucks, Light Novel is way better) and maybe scan them. I have read the first few chapters of Battle Vixens and couldn't bear it, so very low chances of me ever going to buy or release it. Maybe I'm gonna look into Inukami and Mahoromatic, I've watched the anime for both series and they were ok, but I don't know if there is any difference with the manga. I've read King of Hell (the 11 volumes that are released so far) but I didn't like it that much. Everything else I haven't read or I don't know it (yet).

  15. Hi, thank you for scanning Girls Bravo! I only liked the art of the series. The story kinda sucked. But thanks anyway. I always wanted to know if the manga was any different from the anime. Turns out not much really changed.

    Anyway, thanks for also scanning He is My Master and the Eureka seveN spin-off. Though if you do decide to scan the remaining volumes of Eureka seveN it would be great also.

  16. @Necrophagia

    go to for your Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen) fix
    go to forum for the v11-17 english scans of Ai Yori Aoshi, etc.

  17. @Necrophagia

    or you can go to I posted the links to latest releases of Ikki Tousen there.

  18. OMG! thx a million man. found so many scanned tp volumes there. ah btw.. i can't find the ikki tousen releases.. i'm looking for v13-14 were you talking about these ones? or the previous releases? ah btw, senfgurke2-san it seems i made a mistake v4 is also release by nabashi or some group. so you have to do v5 and 6. also you said this is just a spin off.. what's the main series name?

  19. i'm talking about eureka seven. XD forgot to say that.

  20. This is the main series, the one that you are talking about:
    But I'm going to release a spin-off which is this:

  21. @Necrophagia

    or you can go to I posted the links to latest releases of Ikki Tousen there. and since you need step by step

    look for the the sidebar menu at the left side. click NR Search which is just below NR List. type Ikki Tousen. and your done. happy leeching..

  22. @Necrophagia

    just so you know, after volume 13 are magazine scanlations. if you download from 2tmanga here is the chapter for the volumes:
    ch89-94+Special would be volume 14
    ch95-100+Special would be volume 15 [i labeled a v14 special but its actually v15's special]

    ch100 raw has just been released.

  23. @solitaryCross

    k, found it. >_> the first time i searched on the page but i didn't see the search space in NR Search tab. anywho, thx. btw, maybe you know where i could find Yubisaki Milk Tea v6 & 7? Scanned volumes or scanlations i don't really care.

    ah btw, senfgurke2-san thx for the latest release. ^_^ arigato. Keep going.

  24. Greatings,
    Thank you for a good stuff...

    Thank you