November 8, 2008

Future projects

Alright I decided to make a small update on my future projects.

First I will probably scan Moon Phase volume 9-11, maybe even tomorrow.

After that, there will be nothing for about 2-3 weeks, since I'm not at home but after that I should get some new books and some new releases out.

I want to do the two Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The girl who leapt/runs through time) manga adaptions. Then like I said before He Is My Master volume 4. I also plan to do the last two volumes of Eureka Seven. I thought about scanning Honey & Clover since I really liked the anime but there seems to be some activity right now, meaning there were some releases in the last weeks/month, almost two years after the last release, so I'm not sure about that. Let's say these series will get released for sure and if someone finishes those faster than me, I'm okay with that too, let's say you will get them one way or another.

All this should be done this year.

Then there are some mangas I'm interested in but I don't know if I will really buy them (and possibly scan them). Law of Ueki, Princess Resurrection, Kashimashi, Kami-Kaze or Someday's Dreamers to name some. There are also sometimes problems with the availability, since I'm from Germany but well...


  1. Thanks for the update and all the effort you'll put in. If you can get it, how about Shichinin no Nana?

  2. well thank you so much for the scans, a couple of questions:
    1) why all of sudden moonface is being sharing in the net? this question is in your particular case of course not in the case of the entire net.
    2) EIKEN could be one of your futures sharing?

    thanks again.

  3. If you do the rest of "Kashimashi", you'll have my unending

  4. @k1
    I may think about Shichinin no Nana (or Seven of Seven in the offcial release) and since it has only three volumes the probability isn't that low (was a bit interested in it in the past and looked it up but since there are almost no releases I ignored it, I also have the anime but never watched it).

    If you mean, why I chose to release Moon Phase, well it's because I have it, simple as that. Since it's a good series I want to get more people to read it and maybe they like it too.
    Also about Eiken, I've read about it to some extent, but never actually read the manga or watched the OVA, so can't say anything about that at this point.

    I also really want to read the rest of the series, but when I looked for it some days ago, there were some volumes not available anymore, so I need to look some more (I always want to have the full series without any missing books).

    Edit: @Bell
    With Someday's Dreamer the Spellbound series is of course my main interest, because the other series is already completely scanlated.
    Regarding Joshikousei I liked the anime and stared to read the manga (read the first volume). I also like the Mangaka very much, but unless I get interested in the manga again (I don't really care about it atm) I probably won't buy it.

  5. If you scan Honey & Clover and Someday´s Dreamer (specially the Spellbound one) I would surely marry you. For a sugestion I put:
    there´s only two volumes left T_T

  6. I really prefer the manga of Joshikousei over the anime, some parts I fell off the chair while laughing, specially when the girls go to okinawa, the group SaD scanlated only till vol 7, I found them in, but they closed and made me orphan.
    And I didn´t know that the others Someday Dreamers had already been scanlated, I just look for Spellbound, spend hours and just find raws. There are so few manga published in my country.

  7. Oh and I forgot: which type of manga you prefer? If you liked Honey & Clover you will probably like Nodame Cantabile, have you already read it? Unfortunatelly the mangaka is pregnant and the series is in a hiatus, but it is a really good story.

  8. I don't really have a type or genre I prefer, I read nearly everything, Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Josei, Hentai...but I'm not really into Shounen-Ai and Yaoi. Have read some manga, where this is not the main focus and it didn't bother me but I just don't care for it that much.
    I really like Nodame even though I'm not up-to-date with the scanlations (1 or 2 volumes behind).

  9. If you need any Princess Resurrection raw scans-I can provide you with v01-07(I don't have v08 or any extra magazine scans though-I haven't bought any in a while). Just wanted you to know since you're scanning quite a few series quickly.

  10. Thanks, but since I don't translate anything I'm not interested in RAWs.

  11. Sorry for the intrimission

    Nice to met you senfgurke2, my codename is Sora Li Makuran and I'm a big manga of manga

    First, I want to thank for have your scans of Girls Bravo, Tsukuyomi, Kasimasi and "the future project Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound"

    Second, I would like know If you plan to scan someone of the nexts titles:

    Hatenkou Yuugi / Dazzle (ENDOU Minari, Tokyopop)

    Kagihime Monogatari - Eikyuu Alice Rondo / Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Rondo (Kaishaku, DrMaster)

    Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi (Kaishaku, ADV Manga)

    Stray Little Devil (Vol 2-5, MORI Kotaro, DrMaster)

    Junk Force (DrMaster)

    Devil's Bride (RHIM Ju-Yeon, Tokyopop)

    Missing: Kamikakushi no Monogatari (Tokyopop)

    Hyper Run (Tamayo Akiyama, Tokyopop)

    I would be very grateful If you have and can scan someone of these mangas

  12. I've don't have any of those manga and haven't read anything of these. Probably won't buy any of those either, at least not in the near future...
    But some of those seem to be in this thread
    Just take a look.