November 3, 2008


Well...I decided to create a site, to post some releases, even though I barley released anything, to be precise I scanned two volumes in the past.

1. Onegai Twins v01, looks bad, but's readable and if you don't like it, buy it.

2. Girls Bravo v04, looks better than the other one imo, and since the manga isn't really good, I think it's good enough and the same as before: If you don't like the scans just buy the book.

I "released" it some time ago somewhere, dunno where, but this is like a v1.5 or something, it's just a smaller filesize (70MB now compared to 100MB in the past).

sooooo...I plan to scan some more things but whenever I think I could do something I instantly think of something else to do and I personally don't have a scanner and I have to borrow one...but eventually I will do something.

Alright, thats it for now and I think nobody is going to read this anyway...but well I don't care.

Edit: uploaded the files to mediafire, so if you don't like RS or can't use it, here are the links.

Onegai Twins:

Girls Bravo v04:


  1. You should care cuz I've read it. Thanks for giving me a completed V4.

  2. thank you so much for onegai twin

  3. wow thanks for uploading the Onegai Twins, I`m having trouble to find it though...

    but anyways thanks for this men.^^