November 25, 2008

Test for my new scanner

It's something new but I did it mainly because I had to test my new scanner. With the one I used before I just put the book in and pressed the button, left everything as it were and you know the results. But unfortunately for me this doesn't work with the new one. Even though it is quite fast, the results suck ass. So I had to sit down and read some things about scanning because I didn't know wtf I had to I read tutorials, "How-To's", played with all the settings and whatnot for a few hours...and these are the results:


Full Metal Panic! Overload!

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU

Now, to continue the speech...I'm not really satisfied with the way the gray looks in the scans but no matter what I did, I just couldn't get it right but that's probably just because I know what the printed version looks like. All of you leechers don't even know the difference, so you have no clue how I screwed up! really, since I have to do those settings anyway I wanted to make them look as good as I can but can't have everything (imo they look better than most of my older scans anyway...). But nonetheless, if you notice something that looks worse than before please let me know and I will take a look and do something, if I can (just leave a comment or write a mail, address is in the "About"-Section).

Also along with a new scanner I switched to a newer version of photshop but I don't do much with it except cropping, resizing and saving, no adjustments on the color, brightness, histogram or something else, so it shouldn't change anything but you never know...

So like I said, if you notice something just drop me a line.

I also have to revoke my first "rating" of this series, in which I said it was only alright. It is really funny and more than enough to kill some time.

Now enjoy the release


  1. Thanks for the greet job & congratulation for the new scanner.

  2. Thanks man! I'm really happy to know that you like Overload! Actually the 4th chapter made me think about this series as something much more than a chibi manga version of Fumoffu. Congratulations for the new scanner too! I hope that it will be of great use for you!

  3. thanks for scanning this book. I love it :).