November 6, 2008

whatever...just grab the release...

Alright, no long speeches (they come afterwards), let's get directly to the point.


Eureka Seven: Gravity boys & Lifting girl

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

It's a spin-off from the original series and a prequel to some Playstation game. It doesn't have anything to do with the main series, I think the only connection is, that Holland has a short cameo but you don't even see his face, so...just read the wikipedia article or something if you want to know more.

Alright thats it for the releases.

Now...some people want to know what I'm going to do next. Well I planned to scan Tsukuyomi Moon Phase but it seems someone is doing it already. I found up to volume 8 on lurk and 5-8 were added recently (found them on the New Release Bots but don't know when they got released exactly). Since that I the only series I have (in English) that isn't fully released yet, I can't do anymore at the moment. Maybe I will release just volume 9-11 but I'll have to think about that. The only thing I will release for sure is He Is My Master v04 as soon as I get it. Also like I said in some comments, I have a few manga series I'm interested in but I can't buy any right now because I need my money for a new PC but I hope to get something new in a month or two.

Enjoy the releases


  1. @senfgurke2
    Is there any chance that you would like to scan "Full metal panic! Overload" some day? It has been licensed by ADV. I hope that you like FMP too! And I am really thankful that you have continued another series that I have started reading quite a long time ago - "He is my master"!

  2. Yeah, I think Full Metal Panic is really cool, I loved the Anime and the Light Novel, I didn't like the manga that much but I will have a look at the chapters that are released and decide if I'm going to buy it.
    Edit: I read the 4 chapters, that's been released and it's alright, maybe I will release it, since it's only 5 volumes but don't know when it will be (if ever, I'm not going to make any promises).

  3. It's enough to know that it's possible. Thanks for the answer! As for the light novel - I'm definitely buying it when I have the money to order the released volumes!