December 28, 2008


Now...right off the bat, I changed some things in my scanning process so I now save a huge amount of time on each book (around 1/3 maybe up to 1/2 of the time) but from now on there will be these shadows in the middle of the pages again. Since FMP Overload I used a function of my scanner, that reduces these shadows, which looks often better imo but now that I changed a few things I have to test first if I will use it again (at least not till Spellbound is finished). In the past I always had these shadows and it was fine, so it should be fine now (it kind of bothers me, since Spellbound v01 didn't have these shadows and I want some kind of consistency when I scan a series but the massive amount of time I save makes up for this).

Now to the release


Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

It's possible that my next release is going to be delayed (I want to release a book every wednesday and sunday). I will probably have to work some 12h nightshifts for a few days starting today (well I hope so, I need the money), so I don't know if I get some time to scan but I will definitely release two books next week.

Update: Screw this! That was no work, that was torture! Standing 10 hours (luckily they let me go after 10 hours...) in the cold, temperature below 0 (°C) and the wind hitting my face...with all the clothes I wore, I nearly looked as if I was waering one of those fatsuits...and still I only got to the point of "not so cold." Well anyway, so I will spend my next few days at home in my warm bed so Spellbound v03 should be released on time.

That's it for now, enjoy the release


  1. wow sounds harsh!!! just standing in the cold is bad enough and to add 10hrs to that too... it does sound like torture!

  2. Wow I didn't know this serie had a spin-off, I'm so taking it !! ^__^
    I really like Someday's Dreamers, so I can't wait to read this one.
    Thank you so much for your hard work ^o^

  3. This looks like a very interesting series, ^___^
    Thank you very much for scanlating this manga, I really appreciate it!
    Happy Holidays! :)