January 28, 2009

50 books scanned!

This is the 50th book that I have completley scanned and to celebrate this you get nothing special, isn't that great...no really when I started  scanning again nearly 3 month ago I planned to do this once in a while and then I released over 30 books in November...but oh well...here is the release:


Honey and Clover

Volume 3: RS | MF | MU

I know that volume 4 is out already but I didn't buy or order it yet. I will probably do so next month but I won't release it until I finished my next project (it should be obvious that I'm talking about Ueki, since I only have this one series planned at the moment...) and since Ueki has 16 volumes it's going to take two months, so don't expect anything else until the end of March.

Now enjoy

PS:  Because I don't want to think of a title for the posts every time I'm just going to number them from now on, like #51, #52, etc.


  1. o/ First comment!! Congrats for your 50th release!! Thanks for scan this series for us!!

  2. hi, i'm not into this series.. but thanks for the release i guess..
    quick suggestion: Mahoromatic v4-8. Seems tokyopop released all of them :)

  3. Thanks for the releases! Another suggestion: the lost volumes of Rave Master ;)

  4. Thank you so much! <3 *hugs tightly*

  5. I just finish reading this and it was soooo cuuute, one of the best manga ever.

  6. thank you for scanning and sharing this!! ^^

  7. Thank you for sharing! I love this manga!!

  8. Though I'm not up for this particular title, I'd just like to add my thanks for all the scans you put up so far :)

  9. wa , amazing !~
    thanks for hardwork