January 14, 2009

More Mushishi

Here we go, the next book.



Volume 4: RS | MF | MU

Expect v05 on sunday.



  1. thanks for the scans!

  2. Beautiful cover, thanks for the manga

  3. Thank you!! You have no idea how much this means to me...I love this manga to pieces, but they don't carry it in any of my local bookstores. :)

  4. Thank you very much, I was waiting for read this manga in English ^^

    Nice blog ^^

  5. m37r01d_m49n371k$16 January, 2009 13:52

    Pffft... Thanking you doesn't even describe my gratitude towards you. I was scovering everywhere for Mushishi (the chapters after 13, that is (yeah, 31-35, I know...) then FINALLY after a LOOONG while, someone released ch14 and 'promised' to continue to release it on a regular basis. Well, so much of a promise that was... They just abandoned it, & completely forgot about it, and continued releasing other manga. You... don't even bother with wording and let your actions speak for itself, by releasing full volumes one after the other, in close intervals... in complete form. And you do a wonderful job. (I just dislike how the english version blackens/whitens/blurs those front COLOR pages which are SUPPOSED to be there!! I mean, don't they have color ink in the printing place where they print the volumes & stock them?? Are they THAT cheap or they simply don't even give a damn...?? Well, that's my only issue. Otherwise, a very nice job indeed. Just a word of advise... Since you scan in double-page mode, place more weight on the scanner lid where the tonkobon spine is (which is under the lid), since it tends to blur on both sides of the spine, and there's text there at times which makes it difficult to detect/read. So by adding just a bit more weight, you'll be able to flatten that section out more & get rid of that annoying blur in the scans (you won't damage/crease the tonkobon, believe me...) It's not like you'll be using a 15-pound brick from the construction zone ^^. 3-4 stacked hardcover textbooks should do nicely here. Holding it with the hand each time will get tiring fast, believe me... Also on each job, blow/wipe the scanning surface for dust particles and loose hairs, (noticed a few got scanned o_- hehe) Otherwise, wonderful job & thanks for noticing and picking it up (hopefully you can finish it!!) It's truly a pity that such a great manga got abandoned/dropped from the scanlation scene. Naruto should of been the one 2 go, so there would be alot less Narutards wondering about. Oh, well nothing you can do... Just one last thing... In a future project... do you think you can SOMEHOW do Akagi if possible?? I'm not sure if you ever heard of it, but it's really an amasing manga which also got abandoned/dropped in the scanlation scene. You'll get alot of visitors surely for this one, since it's high on the wanted list. I think you'll enjoy it very much. There's only 13~ chapters of it scanlated. Coincidence, huh o_O?? Look into it if you can plz. It definitely would be most apreciated if someone could pick it up & finish it. There's about 20+ volumes of it. Thanks alot and sorry about the lengthy post. Best of luck to you, friend.

  6. m37r01d_m49n371k$16 January, 2009 18:24

    Oh, I completely forgot to mention... /(-_-)\ If you DO decide to do Akagi, and need help, I'll certainly WILL offer my skills. I can translate to japanese, russian, a bit of thai and english. I can edit, clean, typeset, proof-read, etc. I'm ALL-IN-ONE type scanlator, have worked on various mangas/doujins for some time (group/solo/joint), my qualities & factors are in quality & robust speed and I can work in mechanical-clockwork mode until the target manga is complete and can be released. I'm NOT lazy. I can also help out with most mahjong stuff... (I have a real marble-set myself, but it's so fucking difficult to find anyone who knows how to play in this dump/de-militarized shit-zone) And for a proper game cycle you need at least 4-players (winds) I had a hard enough time finding 1 other being who seldomly played, let alone 2 more others... But yeah, I can help out since I play using the JP rules (no seasons/flower tiles used 'hanafuda system', hand layouts, scoring system, etc. which is the chinese standard system) That's all... So if you do decide to do it, know that you already have help there waiting, in case of anything. You can also pile me up with work, I wouldn't mind, what-so-ever. (to increase vol. output releases being the solely purpose here) Well, that's all I wanted to mention... Thanks for listening/reading & keep up the great work with Mushishi.

  7. Thanks for the offer, but while you aren't lazy, I'm fucking lazy. Sorry but at the moment I'm not interested in doing anything except scanning English releases ("ripoff scans" how some might call it) because they don't require much skill and time.
    And with the blurry parts in the scans, I already am putting some weight on the book while I scan it, about 2 pounds, but it sometimes depends on the book itself and how the spine is glued and stuff...I often don't mind if the spine is "damaged" in the process (when it's bend too much or something like that), I mean it's a book and it's in a bookshelf most of the time anyway...

  8. well... This is my first comment in 7 years long reading manga, cuz I'm suck at writing English and blah blah blah~~~ But, wow, when I found your Mushishi scanlations, my heart broke out, I thought my eyes had problems but no, that's Mushishi scanlations *sob*

    So I decided I must leave you a word of thank, yea, thank you thank you thank you!!! I cant re-live all the days that I had to pray hopelessly for someone to pick up this series!!! (*sigh*)

    I love you, May I kiss you pls?! Scanning English releases is good enough for me, those scans are prety amazing as they are now so dont drop this series pls, keep up with your work. Pls remember someplaces out there, there are peoples like me who will always cheer you from afar, for that is all we can do now....
    *sigh* If only they would publish Mushishi in my country! I cant read Japanese...
    Again, Thank you!

  9. m37r01d_m49n371k$18 January, 2009 03:50

    Oh, no, it's cool... I understand. Thanks for listening anyway. Heh, about the spine, I just though that some care, some don't, preservation I mean... That's all, didn't know your state. For myself, it depends on the manga... Manga that's 'worth it' is worth taking care of, while shit manga I care-less about the spine getting damaged, etc. Heh, some even use the microwave method to debind the spine entirely and simply pluck the pages out, since the glue get's very hot, I instead, have an industrial-portable hot-air blower which is meant for PCBs and circuitry which I've used before to place the glue in the hot-melting point, where I can almost just 'blow' the pages off with a small fan. Hehe. It's pretty useful, aside from circuitry work (melting solder off of resistors/conductors/EPROMS/bridges & pluck them out of PCBs, etc. Well, thanks for doing Mushishi, once again. You're doing a great job.

  10. Thanks so much for picking up this series. It has always been one of my favourites.