January 11, 2009

Mushishi x3

After finishing Spellbound, here is a new series: Mushishi

For those, who already read the chapters released so far, it's not much new stuff, just chapter 15 for you, for everyone else: read chapter 1-15, now!

Since chapter 1-14 were already released by other groups I advise you to get these, since they probably look better than my scans (wouldn't know for sure, never read the scanlated versions).

Now without further ado, here it is:



Volume 1: RS | MF | MU

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

Volume 3: RS | MF | MU

Volume 3, chapter 15 only: RS | MF | MU

For those of you, who have already read chapter 1-14, I put separate file of chapter 15 up.

Nothing to say about v01, when I scanned v02 I accidently ripped out a page (not that anyone of you would notice but it still sucks...) and scanning v03 sucked generally, but nothing I can do about it...

V04 will follow next week.



  1. Oh, thanks for taking this project.
    I was so sad to see that the scans were dead that I had decide at a moment to continue it a bit, but the one I handed my translations to was a bit lasy (not that I blame him about it), so in the end, we only released the chapter 14 ^^
    Ah, it's a bit sad that since you made your scans yourself (your tankobons must have suffer), you can see the middle of the pages being blurry but eh I'm not gonna complain as long as there is more people able to read it (even if personally, I'm already in volume 9 so >.>)

    Anyway, thanks for the good job and well, if you ever need help for the translations over this serie, I can still help (well, I'm using the french translations for doing it though), but I doubt I'll be needed >.>
    Have fun with Ginko's little adventures!

  2. Thanks so much for continuing this series! If you'd like, I have Chinese scanlations (really high quality, original japanese tankubon raws with the colored goodness) of volumes 3-9 that I can upload, so you don't have to ruin any more of your books. =) email: meepers369@gmail.com

  3. aww i feel so silly now, didn't realize that you were doing english scans. again, thanks for your work! sorry about my above ignorance. :P

  4. thanks so much for picking up this series :D

  5. thanks, I just freak about the anime and I always wanted to read the manga. XDDD

  6. Thank you for uploading Mushishi! I've been wanting to read it for a long time, but it doesn't come to my country. Thank you again!

  7. thanksss ;3

  8. Thanks! I´m from Argentina, here is imposible to find a Spanish version.