February 18, 2009

New Projects

Let's get this started.

After I finished Ueki, I will release some of my ongoing series, i.e. Honey and Clover v04 (and possibly v05 if I get it on time) and He Is My Master v05. New Moon Phase will come out in April, so a month or so later I should be able to release it, Mushishi in May, release probably in June or July.

Now to the new series, most of them are rather short or don't have more books available yet.

Hitohira (2 Volumes atm, v03 comes out soon), Q-Ko-Chan (2 Volumes), Yozakura Quartet (3 Volumes atm), Venus Versus Virus (5 Volumes atm) and some other 1-volume series by the same mangaka and last but not least Cheeky Angel aka Tenshi na Konamaiki (20 Volumes, I got a great deal on ebay for the whole series or else I possibly wouldn't have bought it)

There are also some manga that I'm considering to buy in the future (very likely):

Sundome, Black Jack, To Terra...(yeah some old stuff) and Hell Girl.

I thought about Princess Resurrection but just yesterday Hyena-Scans released a new chapter, let's see how long they are doing it and maybe I won't need to scan it.

I also consider to fill the gaps from Gakuen Alice and La Corda d'Oro but this isn't cartain yet and since it's still a long way till I have to decide I'll take my time.

Of course I will only release something if it doesn't get released by somebody else sooner.

Oh and if anyone can tell me how I can get my hands on Excel Saga it would be much appreciated. I can't find v07 and v08 anywhere (at a reasonable price) and I don't know if Viz is planning to reprint these volumes (I asked them but they never answered). The other volumes don't seem to be a problem but these two...

Well that's it for now. More Ueki on Sunday.


  1. Wow, i never expected you to work on Excel Saga... the only volumes i don't have yet are v02, v03, v04, v17 and v18 the last 2 i already ordered and i'm waiting to receive them and i'm not in any hurry to get the others... so in the meanwhile i suppose i could scan the volumes you're missing and send them to you, i'm just not sure how to contact you since i don't want spams bots to track me, i'll keep watch on this post though...

  2. Well, thanks for the offer but I don't have Excel Saga (yet) and I don't want to buy it if there would be gaps in the middle, even if those could be filled with scans. And I mean, come on, v1-8 on ebay for 100$ + shipping from the USA...
    So no Excel Saga (for now), let's just hope Viz reprints them...

  3. About the series, i liked the Hitohira anime, it´s a nice one, nothing too great, but very cute. I read one volume of Venus versus virus, it´s not my type at all =/ Tenshi na Konamaiki seens very good =D Excel Saga is great, but buying incomplete manga series it´s awful, I have some here that was dropped by the publisher D= it´s a sad waste of money.
    the anime To Terra is wonderful, I surely would like to read the manga.
    the Blackjack manga... it´s the one from Tezuka? anything from him would be welcomed too =D
    Hell girl seens amazing too. Gakuen Alice, I was looking so hard for this one, I think that the forth volume never was scanlated, I don´t know why...

    Well, a big comment =D thanks for your work, I am waiting very anxious for Mushishi and Honey & Clover

  4. Q-Ko-Chan! YES! THANK YOU!

    Also, please fill the gaps in Gakuen Alice.
    Excel Saga would be nice, but yes gaps do suck

  5. Thank you for all the great scans!

    I was wondering if you would consider scanning Nora. Ive been looking everywhere for scans and haven't been to find any.

    Keep up the good work, I'm especially liking Ueki and Honey & Clover :)

  6. by that i mean vol.5

  7. i didn't understand what you said about he is master

    will it realease soon?

  8. HiMM will get released not long after I finished Ueki.

  9. BLACK JACK! Oh yes please! I love Osama Tezuka, and this is one of his best. I can't find the volumes anywhere at any price. I read the first volume from the library once before someone stole it. I will gladly haunt my local second-hand bookshops for Excel Saga volumes 7 & 8. They seem to get a lot of manga, so the odds may be good. If I see them, I'll grab them for you!

  10. RE: Black Jack... You can't find the volumes anywhere at any price? Try amazon, dude. or here: http://vertical-inc.com/

  11. Sora_Li_Makuran08 April, 2009 11:03

    Are you considering to scan "Hitohira", "Yozakura Quartet" and "La Corda d'Oro"

    This is great. Please, do it

    P.d: Thanks for the scans of "Someday's Dreamers" and "cheeky angel".

  12. Thank you so much for Honey & Clover! I'd really worship you if you could post La Corda d'Oro as well, <3

  13. i would be grateful if u scan blackjack and further volumes of honey and clover