March 8, 2009


Finished the first seasons of both Numb3rs and Pushing Daisies. Numb3rs is alright but it's too normal for me, too much FBI, too little math. Pushing Daisies is very good, I really liked it. I also finished Utawarerumono for a second time (I really liked it the first time, not so much the second time, but still enjoyable) and just started Kemeko DX and Rental Magica, let's hope they are good enough to keep me interested till the end.


The Law of Ueki

Volume 11: RS | MF | MU

I hope to finish scanning the rest of the series next week so I can concentrate on some other things for a while.

Now enjoy


  1. thanks for the release

  2. Thanks for volume 11. My favorite is Ai, she's so nosy. :o

  3. You're amazing, didn't think anyone would actually be translating this for the longest time. Thanks a lot

  4. Thank you so much! ^^