March 15, 2009


I have to say Numb3rs is better than I initially thought, I really enjoyed the second season. Same with Cheeky Angel (Tenshi na Konamaiki). I first read the 40 scanlated chapters and it was just meh but now that I have finished all 20 volumes I have to say it's more than that.


The Law of Ueki

Volume 13: RS | MF | MU

First, the "missing" pages at the end aren't really missing, they were just some advertisement for Ueki v14 which I didn't include in the release for obvious reasons.

Second, tomorrow or the day after I'm going to update the projects page, not just with the stuff I mentioned in an earlier post but some more manga, just take a look.



  1. Thanks a lot.
    I will visit your site every day to see what other great manga you will give us.

  2. Thanks for more manga =D I will drop by tomorrow

  3. Hi,

    i thank you!
    I hat to cry as Merilyn has accepted the truth.
    A very good manga!
    (similar mangas: Konjiki no Gash!, One piece and some anime about bug-hunters. Those mangas are at first glance for kids, but the story and people there are really human.)

  4. thanks for the volume^^