March 18, 2009


What an awesome book! Not only do we get to see Ai's awesome power but also some of the most awesome fights of the whole series (2x Ai, 1x Rinko).AWESOME!


The Law of Ueki

Volume 14: RS | MF | MU

How can you top this awesome book? I don't know, probably only with more Ai but sadly it's only two more volumes, so not much possibilities for Ai and her awesome power to appear :<

In other news, right now I have more than 20 books on my computer just waiting to be released and a few more half-finished so just wait patiently, they are getting released eventually.

But for now enjoy this awesome release


  1. Thanks so much for the scans, I was so waiting forward for this volume!

  2. Thank you!!!!
    You are my best releaser!!!!

  3. mass release please?

  4. thanks for the volume

  5. Nope, no mass release planned and except already completely scanlated books they are going out one at a time. I mostly scanned them beforehand because I just started an internship and won't have that much time like I used to.

  6. Ok, either way, thank you very much

  7. Thanks for all the volumes!