April 19, 2009


Who would've thought, another short one.


Ichigeki Sacchu Hoihoi-san aka Interceptor Doll Hoihoi-san

Download: RS | MF | MU

The size of this manga is probably even a bit bigger than Voiceful, so it barely fit on the scanner. Additionally this book has a dust jacket, which is even bigger and was fucking troublesome to scan.

Now on to other things. The poll is pretty conclusive at this moment but I will still keep it on the site for a while. I had hoped more people would vote for the third choice and not just me, so I could piss them off, with all the new stuff...

Also I recently started to play Warcraft III again and I can't believe how much I suck...it's like I'm some kind of retard...well right now I'm "training" with a friend of mine who sucks just as much as I do, so we hope to beat a computer on normal some day.



  1. Dude, you rock so hard. XD I never thought I'd see this, ever.

  2. Haha, yeah, returning to a micro-intensive game after a long absence makes you feel like there is a giant delay in your brain.

  3. Thank you for scanning this. I've only read the first 10 chapters/pages or so and it was a riot :D

  4. anon of canada19 April, 2009 10:00

    MAN YOU ROCK!!!!

    no seriously you rock hard for scanning this.

    You should so continue this and TL hoi hoi legacy also.

    did i mention you rock?

  5. zomg!!! thank you...I love hoihoi-san!! She's so cute..
    im glad somebody scanned it..
    and thank you for translating it...
    more power (v^_^)/

  6. Nice one man.
    About moon phase, there will be more releases? Sorry asking here...

  7. I want one... lol

    does anyone know is Legacy will also be translated?
    I wants more bug-killing action!

  8. you're the greatest!
    i didn't know hoi² san was originally from manga
    the anime is good too.