April 22, 2009


Whaddya know...a short one...


Heat Guy J

Download: RS | MF | MU

I'm pretty pleased with this one (quality-wise) so no long speeches. If you want more of this, you have to watch the anime (what I didn't do) and apparently the manga storyline is different from the anime one but don't really know what I'm talking about and don't really care, I just went to the wikipedia page and got this info.

Next, I got my copy of the first Suzumiya Haruhi Novel in English, the first copy actually, I ordered it twice, once as a paperback and once as a hardcover because it's so awesome. You can't say that I'm not doing my part to make sure, that the rest is going to be released...

Other than that, I'm getting better at Warcraft somewhat. I'm actually playing only DotA, not much melee maps, but still, there seems to be hope.

Also there are two series I'm looking foreward to in the (maybe near) future and so can you. I read that the first volume of Lucky Star is going to be released in May, which is awesome. I've already preordered a copy and will probably release it sometime later. The second series I'm talking about is Moyashimon but other than the fact that Del Rey licensed it last year, I know nothing (Edit: nothing about a possible release date). That doesn't change the fact, that once it gets released I'm going to buy it and if nobody picked it up by then, I'm most likely going to release it but it's still a long way till then...

For now, enjoy this release and this picture of one of my cat's butt:



  1. thank you for the release. YOU ROCK!

  2. About Moyashimon theres an anime on it that follows the manga up to ch.48 vol.4. Heres a link w/ info on it.

  3. @Anon, that much I know too, I meant, I don't know anything about a possible release date or something.

  4. Lucky Star \o/ I would love to see this here!! Why the scanlators didn´t pick up this series? It´s soooo funny and so famous. Are you gonna to scan the Haruhi novel too?

  5. @Bell, you can read up to Volume 9 here: http://www.baka-tsuki.net/project/index.php?title=Suzumiya_Haruhi
    It's translated by fans, no official translation obviously, still very good.

  6. moyashimon: the anime was nice and I for one, would like to know the rest of the story. manga scanlations are patchy, as baka-updates will show. it'd be really nice if someone did it consistently.

    cat: cute, bushy tail... stroke, stroke, stroke..