May 13, 2009


100 books time flies...



Volume 1: RS | MF | MU

Starting with this book I will edit speech bubbles near the spine that are very hard or impossible to read. I don't now if I will do this every time but I'll try to (excluding screams, names or stuff like that). That being said, I have never done this before so it looks like crap but I don't give a shit. You can read it (better) now so it's ok.

Well, on other news, it has finally come to the point, where I started reading more manga/manhwa/manhua/manwhatever than I read completely. According to my lists at MU I have more than 400 series ongoing and a little less than 400 completed. That is of course if you don't count the 1000+ hentai one-shots or series that I've read besides the "normal" stuff.

Enough of that, the next post will include a small release schedule for the upcoming weeks.

I have a job interview today (in 13h to be exact) and I'm going to bed now. Wish me luck!


PS: What a shocking House season finale! Unbelievable!


  1. thank you very much!

  2. Good luck w/ job interview, and I got 590 series on my reading list on MU and 102 complete lolz! and i just recently started archiving them in the past year lol!

  3. lol house season finale was....

    I don´t like the MU list, I prefer this one:

  4. Thanks man, been looking for something about this manga for a while. its pretty good, i might go pick up a physical copy.

  5. can you release To Terra after this series? please do so ^^

  6. good luck with the job interview. thanks for the release

  7. Love your work, one of the only people that are willing to scan l*cenc*d Manga. Cencored so noting will pick up on search enginens.
    My poor spelling helps lol

    Do you know where i can find drifting classroom ? or are you willing to scan this awesome manga :D thanks

  8. I don't know this manga and except those released chapters on MU that are probably available on #lurk, I have no idea about a possible source.
    Also I'm probably not going to pick this up. I don't really like it from what I've read in the summary and I'm not a fan of horror themed manga.

  9. Thanks so much for the releases, if you ever need donations for server cost or to buy books to scan please let the fan community know, cause we appreciate it.

  10. Hmm interesting, are you gonna make a list of manga we should expect in the future? :]

  11. Take a look at my projects page for all my future series or at the next post (#101), I wrote a small schedule for the next few weeks.