May 17, 2009


I don't know what to say except WTF!



Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

I said last time that I don't give a shit what the edited speech bubbles look like but that wasn't entirely true. This time I spend more time on the cleaning and typesetting (if you can call it that...) and it looks much better now. That being said, I'm still fucking lazy and would prefer it if I didn't have to do that but if I'd read releases from other groups, that looked like this, it would be fucking annoying, so I'll just keep doing it.

Now let's see, the release schedule for the next weeks will be as follows: Next will be To Terra, then Black Jack, Yozakura Quartet and finally Girls High School. Hitohira, Hell Girl, Kamikaze or My Heavenly Hockey Club will have to wait for now. While I'm going to release the new series in this order I'm going to release the new books of my older series in-between, depending on how I will get my copies. This should be enough as a general overview and I will keep you updated on the status of the new books, so please don't ask about that.



  1. Just good things in the way o/

  2. great. thx for another series finished. can't wait for to terra ^^

  3. wonderful

  4. first of all, THX

    Q-ko is Nice, but if you start do Yozakura it'll be even more Nicer

  5. Do i see wrong? Yozakura quartet? For real?

  6. it's in their future Project list.

    and Yozakura Quartet Manga is WAY~ better than the Anime

  7. Wow, um, this series was weird xD

  8. After finally reading that damn book... wtf indeed.

  9. (I called it "damn" but I'm not talking about your release but our rescan of it. And what a painful rescan it was...)