May 24, 2009

#102 part b

Here is the second part.


To Terra

Volume 1 part b: removed links

Not much to say now since I explained everything before. I will probably upload the full volumes once I finished the series.

Last week I talked about the shitload of manga that I have ongoing and in the 10 days since then I already started over 20 more...most of those are are still at their first chapter but still...ridiculous...

So now from time to time I will comment on the manga that I recently read.

Let's start of with Yakitate!! Japan. Recently started it, it's pretty cool, even if all those over the top competitions or the "drama" are ridiculous.

Beelzebub: It's so fucking hilarious! Not many chapters out yet but I have high hopes for it.

K-On! I really like those 4-koma manga, it's awesome.

And a last one, Nina Jalhae, I don't really like this one. I can't believe this got 50 volumes...

Well, enjoy To Terra


  1. thx for the release :)

  2. Thanks a lot for scanlating this manga :D

  3. Thanks for the release!

  4. Thanks a lot for your efforts.
    About Nina Jalhae, I suggest you not to stop reading it and to read it up to vol 2/3: there it starts to become interesting XD.