May 20, 2009

#102 part a

This one is over 30 years old.


To Terra

Volume 1 part a: removed links

I'll be splitting the books from Vertical (i.e. To Terra and Black Jack) in two parts since they have 300+ pages per book and even when split in half, it's comparable to the length of most other manga and with that I'll have more time to get the releases ready.

The series itself is split in parts too which are sometimes split into sections. Sounds confusing? Well, it is.
The complete series consists of four parts, with part one and three consisting of three sections each and part one and part four contain a prologue and epilogue respectively. Also part four is nearly half as long as the entire series.

Enough trivia and back to my release. I don't always know where to stop part a and begin part b (it's pretty easy with v01, since Part 1 ends around the middle) but with only four days between the release of each other it should be acceptable. Of course I will keep the naming of the files consistent so you can just "merge" part a and b.
Then the pics are bigger than normal (1500 px height) just like I did with Voiceful. Again this is because the books itself are bigger than normal and it doesn't serve any special purpose. The problem with these kind of manga is, that they barley fit on my scanner and sometimes they are bigger than the scanned area and the pages get cut off a bit (a few mm/less than 1/8 in) but it's no big deal and you probably won't even be able to tell the difference.

That's it for now and I hope it's all understandable and not too confusing.



  1. This looks interesting. I've got a soft spot for these retro sci-fi type mangas (even though they weren't 'retro' when they originally came out), so thanks from me!

  2. thanks for this... been waiting since you discussed about doing this manga. thx ^^ can't wait to read it tomorrow.

  3. heya, thanks for this. may i ask, would it be alright for me to repost this in my blog? i want to share it with some of my friends. i'd make sure to credit you for it though ^^

  4. The anime from this is great! I was looking for the manga a looong time ago. Thanks a lot =D

  5. @kriz
    Sure, you can do whatever you want.

  6. Not sure if you care, but someone's shared all three volumes over at Free Manga.