June 14, 2009


A bit later than usual because I just got back from work and didn't prepare the post like I normally do but who cares anyway...


Passionate Two-Face

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

Same as with v01, this is very likely not the right lenght of the book, it seems to have at least one more chapter in the printed version but like I said with v01, it was posted like this on the website and now v03 will be longer, so you'll get everything anyway...

Now some thoughts on manga series!

Gambling Emperor Zero, I just don't like this one, I think Zero is just a big fat pussy who happens to be smarter than most other people but I'll continue to read it nonetheless.

Zetman, I've read half of the released chapters so far and the mangaka succeeds in destroying all my hopes again and again. (some spoilers ahead!) Not only can't the first main protagonist (Zet or whatever) revenge the deaths of his family, the second protagonist (rich kid) can't do shit either, all the girls die in the building, some get raped...let's hope something good happens soon and I mean good as in nice, fine, happy...

Team Medical Dragon, not bad, not bad, I don't know shit about doctors, surgeons or medical stuff but I think this one is pretty good.

Wolf Guy, same team that made Akumetsu and so far it's very nice. Not much released yet but I have high hopes for it.

That should do for now.


PS: In the last few days there were a couple of files that I downloaded from MediaFire that were corrupt and one file in an archive wasn't readable, once even with something I uploaded myself but the original file on my hard drive was fine. I don't know if MediaFire has some kind of problem but just to be sure, please tell me if it doesn't work properly.


  1. thank you very much.

    Zetman: is a really realistic superhero-manga. "Realistic" means: there is no good events in supergero-fighthing. There is no climax, no happy-end, no final or even particular victory..

    Even events that looks like "victory" makes more questions that anything else..

  2. thanks for the release.

  3. thanks so much for sharing!~ :D

  4. after passionate 2 face, do high school girls v8-9. :) have been waiting a long time for that to be done. wanna cross that manga from my list :P

  5. Gambling Emperor Zero kicks ass, man. But then again, you have to be a mahjong/gambling enthusiast to properly enjoy it.