June 28, 2009


Here we go with something more like a last resort release.


Yozakura Quartet

Volume 1: get version 2

I didn't really wanted to release this yet. I had it lying around for over three months now and never got around to fixing it. I haven't removed the spine shadow or replaced any of the bubbles that are hard/impossible to read. Actually I wanted to release something entirely different but I didn't finish that either...so with nothing ready I chose this because until a few weeks ago I released this quality on a regular basis and nobody ever complained.

For now I'll release once a week but I try to finish always two books, let's see how that works out. The reason for that is that I don't have that much time in the next few weeks (part-time job is keeping me busy) but I should get to work on some releases on my days off if I don't get distracted by all the TV-Shows I'm watching...

If I feel like it I may work on a second version of this but especially next week I don't have that much time, so no promises.

Enough of my petty excuses, let's get to something else. I have now watched 2 1/2 seasons of The Sopranos and I'm going to take a break for some time. For now I switched to Man vs Wild. I've wanted to watch this for some time now and every time I noticed a new episode coming out I thought about watching it. I've finished season 1 now and it's awesome, luckily the seasons aren't that long so I'll watch some more before getting back to The Sopranos. Also, all these shows are responsible for me not getting anything done. Don't blame me! Blame HBO and Discovery Channel for producing these great shows!

That's it for now, see you on Sunday.

Enjoy this substandard release


  1. thank you very much, i've been wanting to read this!! :D

  2. I understand you! I fell in love with Six Feet Under and literally stopped doing anything else. Damn you, HBO...

    Anyways, thank you for this release. :) I'm looking forward to how it compares to the anime.

  3. Like Sasa, I'm interested in seeing this in comparison to the anime - I thought the story had some original twists to it and liked the character designs. Thanks as always for getting this to us.

  4. Wow, thanks for the release.

  5. GWAAAAAAAA~~~HH!!!!

    THANK YOU~~!!!!!!


    I really want to read this series!