June 1, 2009

Bad News

I got my first C&D letter and it's from Vertical, the publisher of To Terra and Black Jack. Of course this messes up my plans for my next releases. I will try to finish v03 of To Terra today and post it tomorrow but it will only be up for a short time, one or two days. Also after that I'm going on a short scanning hiatus. I'll still release something, mainly stuff from Netcomics.

This was of course unavoidable and maybe I'll have to rethink my distribution methods.

But even with this, my release of Black Jack is just postponed. I'll try to think of a way get those to you in the future. If someone of you has an idea, let me know.

This post will be sticky for the time being so if there are new releases it'll be after this post.

This truly is an awesome 2-year anniversary present for me! :>


  1. Of course it is unavoidable when you try to release licensed manga.

    Netcomics? Isn't it full of yaoi and shoujo manga? How about you try doing Yozakura Quartet like what you said before?

  2. Thank you for still being willing to scan despite receiving a C&D. Netcomics stuff is cool too.

  3. Then why not release manga on TPB? I wanna see them try to send C&D there....

    Anyway big thanks for all the releases you have done so far.

  4. (email is true)
    First: Gratulation an your 2 year!
    then: really bad.. this letter.
    like relican says: "Then why not release manga on TPB?"
    And in the torrent-description just DDL (like rapidshare, megaupload, uploded.to,..)
    But you will be probably change your nick( need to) :(
    (not that C&D, can track you down)

    I would like to make some 10-mirrors for your uploads :)
    (if you are interested, just send a email)

  5. get an LJ and lock it up? that's the other option i can see

  6. First of all, props on the willingness to continue even after the C&D, you're one of my favorite groups. As for alternative distribution methods, some other ways you can go is to "friend-lock" a livejournal and post the links there, or you can even combine two methods - have a friend-locked LJ where you make the announcement for your releases/add commentary, and then contact the people behind the #lurk IRC channel (they're the biggest IRC manga distributors), and get your stuff onto their bots.

  7. Even easier, release under an anonymouse name on mangaupdates like anonymous spore.

  8. I admire your willingness to continue notwithstanding the C&D. It's through your sharing that I've discovered titles I wouldn't have thought I'd like enough to buy (and in fact I have bought them thanks to your sharing). I hope you indeed find the best solution...I'm hoping for a friends locked LJ but would understand if you opted for torrents. (I'm just hoping we know how to find you in the future.) Thanks, again for all the releases and the resolution to continue...

  9. Well, well, well, some of you recommend a friends-only LJ but I have no idea how this would work...especially how to get the scans to everyone who has an interest in them and not only a few selected ones...
    BitTorrent on it's own is probably a bad idea since I'd have to seed my stuff and without a connection with good upload this isn't an option.
    An easy option would probably be to post torrents with a couple of mirrors in the description/comments or something like that.
    I don't really care what it is, as long as the release gets posted on MangaUpdates (that way most people will probably notice/find it).
    So if anyone has a concrete idea/plan on this or could explain how those ideas, posted in the comments here could work it'd be much appreciated. Best would probably be via email, you can find the adress on my About page.

  10. The "torrent' likns with mirrors in the comments seens good, other people could seed after donwloading them from the mirros. Usually your complete series go to Boxtorrents too (and Lurk), so it´s easy to find them, if people see them released in MU they can easily search for it in the net/irc/trackers.
    Or you can create a public folder in Mediafire like Anonimous spore does with shigurui

  11. @Bell: I don't think torrents would be good. In the long run, would there be any peers/seeders left for you to download them? Also, having to host the files in a public folder in Mediafire would not mean much anyways. It's the same as putting them in public such as what this website is doing. I think having LJ account and/or send them by e-mail (yes, it is a pain, but oh well) would be the best option(s).

  12. Right now I'd tend towards IRC since it's a pretty easy method and most people can access it but for the time being I'm staying here and release under the senfgurke2 name. I have some plans right now (including some changes with my scanning, improvement of the quality of my scans, etc.) but it's still not set in stone, that's also a reason for the scanning hiatus.

  13. @Xox: Dont really see problem with torrents, you can always reseed them you know, or get some people to help you with distribution, I for one would be willing to help with seeding and I am sure there are others who woudnt mind giving a bit of their bandwidth away.

    Anyway tpb account with links to MF/RS for people who dont like using bt seems the best option to me. Dont know anything about LJ, but privately distributing files is IMHO the worst thing you can do, and kinda defeats the purpose of doing scans at all (unless you wish to create a manga alternative to the Scene).

    Or you can just switch to other blogging system, but baywords.com seems pretty much dead for the moment and I dont know about any other that wouldt care about what you post.

    Also I feel I should mention one thing. No matter for which distribution method you decide a strongly suggest using VPN, it makes it much harder for anyone to track you down a and from legal point of view it also not so easy to get data from you vpn provider (if they even store such data), especially if he is located in some other country.

    Also the MF account like Spore has is an okey idea. Simple yet efficient.

    IRC is not bad either, but people who dont use it will be forced to use another program the might not need. Maybe IRC+bt, IRC+MF/RS, or some combinaton of those if possible.


    To sum it up, pretty much every distribution method is fine as long it publicly available, so that you dont have to go through shitload of people/registrations/requests a and god knows what else to get your manga fix...

  14. Just uploaded two complete series of yours in Box, in few hours they have around 200 S/L I agree with the idea of bt, it´s more popular now and complete series are easy to keep seeding.

  15. perhapse you could create a splash page, forcing all that enter to have to accep terms of aggreement, that any and all materials seen on the site is to be used for personal use and that any and all information obtained for court within the site will be considered illeglly obtaind thus invalid within a court of law.
    And all personaell from any kind of agencies will be considered trespassers. This use to work for many illegle sites, privrate game servers. i dont know about it any more tho. but its good to give it a shot.

    2nd you can password lock the site and send it only to trusted personell.

    There are always some assholes online that are out to ruin others fun.

    but either method, its better to put your site in to https:// mode.

    also its better to post link using redirection systems/sites with anon.

  16. I like Withs' suggestion better. ^^b

  17. i wonder if there are lawyers for online feuds, i suggest you get one that specializes in online cases.

  18. Go with IRC. Make the guys at #lurk handle the distribution. Your releases will end up there sooner or later anyway.

  19. Thanks for scanning all these manga and sharing with us.I'm sorry to hear about the letter but it's gotta happen if you're distributing licensed releases in public.IMHO you might use a Livejournal account to avoid this kind of unpleasant incidents.You can add your group name in Bakaupdates and write down your lj address there,no one can track you down if you lock your posts.There are lots of lj communities/personal journals(with hundreds even thousand of members) I know that are distributing licensed manga and never getting in trouble.

  20. Winx is right, alot of them cannot be searched with google etc, but can only be accessed though links and joining etc.
    Winx, send some of your lj sites around, most of them that i found is for porn. I cant find any Licensed scans at all :<

  21. To Withs:

    Well,it depends on your gender.If you are a female I can tell you hundreds of lj communities/personal journals that might interest you,but if you're not; then I recommend free_manga.You can find all kinds of manga (licensed/raw/scanned etc.)there.

  22. Winx, I´m a female ò.o I don´t get the point of this, but I would like some links to lj communities.