July 13, 2009


I don't like Yozakura Quartet.


Volume 4: RS | MF | MU

Here you go. I don't have Mushishi finished yet and I don't know if I can finish it today. Right now, it's scanned and I'm working on cropping, finished 1/4 of it, leveling shouldn't take long and I think there aren't that many speech bubbles to edit. Still, to ease your your pain you'll get another manga, as well.


Figure 17

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU

This one, like Real Bout High School, is from Kickthekitty's page. I cropped and tweaked the levels a bit, nothing great.

This is it for the moment. More tomorrow.



  1. thx for the release :)

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  3. Thanks in advance for Mushishi!

  4. "I don’t like Yozakura Quartet."

    That sort of surprised me. Oh well. I still love it, and thanks very much for the new volume - especially for doing it if you don't like it.

  5. thanks for the Yozakura Quartet,

    sorry if you don't like it but there are a some people and friends that like it and on their behalf, again thank you :D "– especially for doing it if you don’t like it."

    and the figure 17 at first in went "meh" but it went "birdy!", start brawling and it went quite decent

    and i'm looking foward to the mushishi, and sorry if this kinda long :D