July 19, 2009

Pre-release or something like that



Volume 1: get the new version

Volume 2: get the new version

This is again completely unedited (the speech bubbles, that is). The reason for that is, that I'm changing some things soon and I'd redo these books anyway and since I have them already scanned, why not release them like this, so you can take a quick look, if you don't know Hitohira yet or something like that...that's why I'm also not posting them on MU for now but I wouldn't care if somebody else does it.

Well more details will follow in a separate post soon (I hope I have everything sorted out in a few days), if not, there will probably no release next Sunday but let's not hope for that.



  1. Thanks....for this volumes..

  2. Thanks!

    FYI - I've downloaded volume 1 twice, and both when uncompressed report that "hitohira_v01_p076-077.jpg" as being broken.