July 21, 2009

Status Update *updated 08/11/2009* (last time)

Here we go with the promised news.

The thing is, I'm planning to get a new scanner. I got one today, that I thought would be pretty good, but was useless for scanning manga. So now I'll have to look for another, I've already got an eye on one and will probably buy it this week but if it turns out to be crap again...same procedure...

So until I find a good scanner I'm not going to scan anything and that means no releases for now. Maybe it'll be only affect the next releases but it's possbile to take 2-3 weeks, just to give you a warning.

But to keep your spirits up, I'll post some series, that I have here at home and I could release, once I'll scan again. Of course first I'll finish Hitohira v3, then Girls High School, post the new volumes of Honey and Clover and Venus Versus Virus. After that I'll finish everything else in my projects list that I have planned and if there are some other new releases on ongoing series, I'll buy and release them as well. Small note on Heavenly Hockey Club, since it's picked up by an other group again, I'll have to think about it, but I have the books up to v8 here at home and could release at any time, but it's still some time and maybe the new scanlations won't last, we'll see. Then just a list of other stuff I have here and will release some day, when everything else is finished: Gintama (right now till v13, I'll keep buying it of course and release it only if nobody else closes the gaps in the scanlations), Otomen (I have v1 + v2 and will buy v3 once it's released), Mao-chan, Suzumiya Haruhi Manga (v1-3 right now). I have already talked about Pumpkin Scissors once but VI Scans has new releases regularly so there probably is no need to release it. And of course, last but not least, I still have Black Jack but I'm still unsure what to do with it. I'll certainly not release it under the name senfgurke2...but again, I'll deal with that, once I come to this point.

Pretty long post and most of it is just me bragging about all the manga I have here and can read whenever I want...

tl;dr no releases for 1-3 weeks

Edit: You'll probably have noticed that I didn't release anything this week (or last week, since it's already Monday) either, the reason for that is, that I still couldn't order the new scanner. I wrote earlier that I bought one a little while ago, but I send it back and I still haven't got my money back (sucks to have not more...) and until I get it, I can't order...just to keep you updated...

Edit2: I ordered the scanner today and if I'm lucky I'll have it by Friday, if not, no release this week either, because UPS doesn't deliver on weekends. Another problem right now is my part-time work, I'm doing 12h night shifts and basically only come home to sleep. I have two free nights, the first is Thursday (have to go to work again Friday night) so if I get the scanner on Friday I should be able to try it out a bit and maybe scan something. The other free night is Monday and I hope then, at the latest, I should be able to scan something. I'll just write a short line on Friday, whether I got it or not.

Edit3: Nothing this week either but I should get the scanner on Monday.

Edit4: Got the scanner today, a day later than I thought. I played around with it for a while now and it's pretty good. For now I'll keep it and that means you'll get some releases this weekend (still working night shifts till Saturday morning).


  1. Long news. Hope you find a good scanner soon. Now I´m waiting for Hitohira, High School Girls, H&C, Mushihsi, VVV. I was reading Otomen but the scans stopped (glad to continue reading this), and I´ll certainlly give a try to Haruhi and Gintama =D

    You really have a lot of things, lucky one >=3

  2. I hope, you will find a good scanner :)

  3. Get a Plustek Optibook, its what i've been using for years. great for manga books

  4. I would just like so say I am very thankful for your scans of Yozakura ^.^ its truly one of my favorite series. Before I noticed it there were 4 volumes for me to read!

  5. I would like to thank you for your hard work on volume releases, also i think you do a great job, and i would really like it if you did Haruhi, great Novels, just nobody is translating the manga, at least not lately.

  6. no problem dude. real life issues come first. take your time :)

  7. totally understand! Thank so much for your effort.

  8. I´m glad to see you keeping us informed =D I´ll wait for the next releases hopefully soon, good work to you too =D

  9. Wow, you really do keep your promise..thanks a lot for all your effort, hope things are going well on work and the scanner status

  10. My pc is broke right now, I'm using an veeeeery old notebook. I can read only manga now, any video is impossible. I will wait for your releases to keep me busy in the weekend