August 17, 2009


It's been one month since my last release but now that I have my new scanner, everything should go back to normal soon.



Volume 1: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 3: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

You'll notice the changes right away. The pages are now all separately but I didn't just scan like before and split them. These are all scanned like this, using a scanner with a special bookedge. Because of this the spine shadow is very small now, even though it's still visible. One problem though, if some text is too close to the spine, there is the possibility that something gets cut off but afaik never more than a letter. Another one are the double pages. Of course these are also scanned separately and I didn't join them. I have also no intention of doing it in the near future. The only option is, that somebody of you (the reader) helps out with this. But enough of all the problems, I think the quality is better now and it's much easier for me to scan everything, crop it, etc.

Another change is with the file types. Previously everything was just JPG, now I'm using PNG for the grayscale pics and JPG only for the color pics. Along with that I played around with the resolution and now I'm also releasing a version with a higher resolution. Aside from the 1200px height version there is now a 1280px width version. The height on these around 2000px (varies). Since these are much bigger, the file size is also bigger, around 100MB for one volume for Hitohira but maybe somebody prefers it. I'll only upload it on RS for now, that should be sufficient.

High School Girls is next.


PS: Uploading all this took forever...


  1. thank you very much!

  2. First!!! I was checking the site all weekend. Thanks for Hitohira, the anime is very cute. Next is High School girls =DDDD I'm so happy, the first time I read the blog I beg to you to scan this manga and now I'll finally read the final. I love your tastes =DD

  3. Oh damn, nobody has commented yet when I arrived, but someone was faster than me xD

  4. Thank you for this.

  5. Thanks a lot for this..looking forward for Jyoshi Kosei..

  6. Thank you! Congrats on your inaugural use of your new scanner. :)

  7. Wow! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! :D

  8. Thanks for the release, and congrats on your new scanner. Is there any chance you can scan Eiken been looking around but only one chapter was released last year then the group dropped it, anyways thanks for all the great releases =)

  9. I said it once on the Projects Page, after v12 the English releases seems to have stopped (which was over 5 years ago I think) so I'm not gonna buy it, if I'm never going to get the complete series.

  10. hi there thanks for giving us links for this manga... i was wondering did you dropped scanlating this manga(I hope you didn't)?...

  11. So far I didn't drop anything but I can't release anything, that hasn't been published in English...
    The publisher doesn't seem to have any plans to release v04+ In fact their website apparently hasn't been updated for a year now...