August 27, 2009

Bad News #2 & Some Info

I got another C&D, this time from DrMaster. So in the next few days I'll take down the links (edit: High School Girls of course, totally forgot to mention it...) and you'll have to look somewhere else. This isn't really that bad because this is the only Series I have from DrMaster and I don't have any plans to buy much of them in the immediate future (this has of course nothing to do with this C&D, I'm just not interested in much of the titles they have).

So, there you go, now onto something else.

You'll notice the poll, so just vote. It's pretty straight forward, whatever gets the most votes gets released next, like I said it in my previous post.

Then it came to my notice, that there might be some confusion about the two different versions I release. Short version: the 1280w version has a higher resolution, everything else is the same. Both are using the same source and nearly identical actions in Photoshop and the only difference is the one step when I resize, the one gets a fixed width, the other a fixed height.


  1. too bad that they got you-but it's not the end
    thanks for giving us all those high school girls
    ps. people vote for jigoku shoujo in the poll, the
    anime was pretty good

  2. why is VVV not in the poll?

  3. Votes for Kamikaze... simply because its complete...

  4. Don't let DrMaster bother you man. Apart from the Iron Wok Jan series (even at that), they really do not have any interesting titles. I do regret the amount of effort you had to put in that is now wasted... Hang on and keep up the good work!

  5. @newvelaric - it wasn't wasted effort - plenty of us got to read them, and just because the D/Ls have been taken from the site, doesn't mean they've gone from the internet/IRC does it? If you lurk in the right places (*cough), you'll still see them.

    @senfgurke2 - I have a feeling this will happen more often than you would like - you've been noticed now, and unfortunately some companies will want to put a stop to you. I hope I'm wrong of course :) I can't get manga without a lot of travelling and expense and even then my choice is limited, so your releases are the only way I'll get to see some of them. Of your releases, only Mushishi has been available to me (and yes I bought it after reading your scans!).

    Keep fighting the good fight.


  6. Sorry to say (I'm really thankful for your releases!) but you're not doing any effort to avoid being noticed.. Why don't you make a community on livejournal and lock it so that only poeple who join can see the posts? There are tons of communities that share manga on LJ and none of them has been shut down for legal issues. If you let people here know where to find you there shouldn't be a problem, ;)

  7. Well, I want to be noticed. Even if it's not by the publishers but by the readers and just making a private community on LJ or anything like that isn't what I want because I feel that would be like excluding some people...
    I myself hate this stuff where you have to join to get them (which is often the case with scanlation groups who distribute their files in a forum).
    Also unless there is a C&D from these big publishers like Tokyopop, Delrey or Viz, there shouldn't be any problem finding new stuff.

  8. How about disabling google to search for this blog..that way only a few people can lurk in here ^_^;