September 13, 2009


Let's keep this short, I have TV shows to watch!


Honey and Clover

Volume 7: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

It seems v8 comes out in December, let's see when I will have it ready.

I have watched all six seasons of Two And A Half Men in five days, it's so awesome and funny! Now I've started The Big Bang Theory an I'm nearly finished with season 2. Soon I'll start How I Met Your Mother and after that either Monty Python's Flying Circus or The Office (US). WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee



  1. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  2. thank you very much! ^^

  3. THANKS =DDD Honey & CLover rox. And I'm sure you will not be disapointed with Monty Python!! Have you already seen the movies? The Holy Graal one it's my favourite, I just can die laughing every time I've watched this

  4. thank you very much for sharing honey and clover.

  5. New volume of Honey&Clover!!
    Thank you sooooo much!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

  6. 5 seasons in a day wow! have you watch scrubs? if you havent you might wanna try that too.

    thanks for H&C and glad to know cheeky angel stays up.

  7. You should consider watching the IT Crowd before/after How I Met Your Mother. It's a short series and one of the funniest recent comedies.

  8. @gt: I don't like Scrubs, I have watched two episodes on TV and I didn't laugh once and for some reason I don't like most of the characters...imo it's a totally overrated show.
    @dudemang: It sounds alright. I recently saw a commercial for the premiere here in Germany and thought it looked ok.

  9. thanks :)

    How I Met Your Mother is hilarious and Barney is probably my favorite character.
    I really should try Monty Python’s Flying Circus too,I am not familiar at all with it.

  10. Thanks Thanks Thanks! i love Honey and Clover

    about the series.... i loooove Two and a half men and The big bang theory! are so funny XD

  11. How I Met Your Mother is the best show! So funny. And Robyn is so hot! ;).

  12. Thank you so much for new H&C.
    (Looking forward to October...)

  13. Hi Senf, Thanks for the awesome job.
    I was wondering, any chance of adding Kindaichi Case Files to your list of scans?
    No ones doing this amazing series, they got bits and pieces of the sequels but nothing in order.

    It would be amazing if you can. Thanks.

  14. Highly unlikely, doesn't sound that interesting.

  15. i haven't watch "Two And A Half Men" but "Big Bang Theory", How I Met your Mother and "IT crows" is Awesomely Hilarious.
    and i suggest to watch "Gary Unmarried" and "Better of Ted". "Better of Ted" is nearly as awesome as "Big Bang Theory" and "Gary Unmarried" is kinda family themed version of "How I Met your Mother" that just as funny as "How I Met your Mother"

    and thanks for the scans :D

  16. Maybe it'll grow on you the more you watch it? Lol. Up to you. And yes, Barney is very cool :D. I've never watched I Love You Man.. it doesn't interest me.

  17. Thanks for the upload my friend!
    Much appreciated =]