October 4, 2009

#148-149 + re-scans

This weeks post: six books, four of which are re-scans.


Hell Girl

Volume 5: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Well, well, well, nothing particular to say about this release...who would have thought...

According to Amazon Volume 6 will be out in November, maybe you'll even see it from me this year.


Yozakura Quartet

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 3: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 4: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 5: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Here we go with the new Yozakura volume and of course a re-scan of the earlier volumes in better quality. Volume 6 is scheduled to be published in May 2010 but I heard, some group is working on real scanlations for this series, so maybe you are lucky and won't have to wait so long (other than the fact that someone is working on scanlations I know nothing, no group name or something...so you don't need to ask).

Finally finished four seasons of Deadliest Catch, really awesome show but I'll wait a while with season 5. Now I'm continuing with American Chopper, still have to finish season 4 and 5.  And now that all the good shows are starting their new seasons, I don't know how I can manage all this...House, Psych, Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Men, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, Numb3rs...what a drag...luckily I don't have much else to do right now...

Next will be five volumes of My Heavenly Hockey Club (first three were already completely released), look forward to that.



  2. Thank you for Yozakura Quartet and still releasing since you didn't seem to be too keen on it, because of your great scans and sharing I fell in love with Yozakura and started buying up the editions. I still grab your scans for a digital version, but thank you so much for scanning, I might never have given the series a chance if I hadn't read them here.

  3. Thank you. :)

  4. Furiouspuppet pretty much posted what I was going to say - but I'll add my thanks for the Yozakura anyway, doubly so because you still continued and re-scanned even though it's not exactly your favorite title.

  5. Thanks man! Great work as always. This new scanner of yours rock!

  6. Hi
    My team want to translate this to Vietnamese so we need raw for this!!!
    My name is Vicky and i'm the leader so i want to ask you about permission to take this!
    If there is any problem, please pm me!
    Thanks for sharing