October 11, 2009




My Heavenly Hockey Club

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 2: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 3: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 4: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

Volume 5: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

So far this is my favorite out of all the manga I have released!

This week I started watching The Muppet Show and Saturday Night Live. I have now watched nearly all the episodes from the Muppets, that were released on DVD (i.e. Season 1-3) and it's good even though there's much music and it's often not my taste...SNL I've only watched a couple of episodes from Season 1, so far it isn't that good, again, too much music. But I read that they changed this pretty quick and focused more on comedy, so I'll keep watching.

While this was uploaded I watched Nosferatu (1922) and Shadow of the Vampire. While Nosferatu is a great movie, Shadow of the Vampire is not...only thing that bothered me with Nosferatu was the musical score...it seems the version I got from a friend is a "Special Edition" with a crappy industrial rock/metal sounding score, sucked ass. After I watched it I quickly downloaded another version, that had an organ soundtrack, to compare them, and damn! it was creepy. I think I have to buy it myself some day and watch it again.

Soon I will add another poll, where you can choose the next series.



  1. Awesome, man! I am really liking the high resolution of your recent releases.

  2. Senf awesome releases..
    btw i always wanted to ssk..
    have you ever recieved a cease and desist letters or something same..
    i mean your giving away licensed manga's over the net/which we all appreciate/

  3. Yep, got two so far. First one was from Vertical, which was why I removed the To Terra links from the page and the second was from DrMaster. They requested that I remove the links for High School Girls, so I did that as well...

  4. thanks so much for all the recent releases!!

  5. Wow yeah, Nosferatu totally has to be watched with good organ music accompanying it. I'm glad you liked the movie too - I saw it in a movie theater with live music before, and it was wonderful.

  6. Thank you for releasing my heavenly hockey club in English =3 keep up the great work please release more of it

  7. Thank you for this series! It's hilariuos and I love it! And I love you too! ^^ <3

  8. 3Q! 3Q! 3Q!
    Love this manga!!!!
    Hope to see other vols also...Hehe.
    Thanks again.

  9. omgg thanks so much you're so awesome!!

  10. I just wanted to ask if you intend to release volume 6-8 as well. I'm working on this project together with Evil Flowers and Tasty Kiwi scans and as you can see, we are not very fast. I have volume 6-8 bought and was planing on scanning them, but if you are planing to do the same thing then I don't see a reason to work on this project anymore. Please replay me as soon as you can.
    ~ Thank you! ^^

  11. The three remaining volumes are already done and will be released shortly (two this weekend, the third next weekend).

  12. I understand, ok. Thanks for the info. There is no reason for 2 groups to work on the same project :) .

  13. Thank you so much for the awesome releases :)