November 1, 2009

#158 *update + announcement!*

Let's get this over with, I wanna play WoW!


GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Volume 1: RS | MF | MU | 1280px W

This one is pretty short, only 130 pages but it has color pages!

I'm pretty hooked to WoW again, the expansions made everything pretty easy, I still remember when I leveled my first character... it took me 2 months or so to reach Level 40, then I stopped playing. Now I played for 9 days and I'm nearly Level 50...

Next will be Otomen v1-3


Update: Alright after over one month posting nothing, I believe you deserve some explanations.

My interest in manga was basically zero for 3-4 months now. I haven't read anything, except a couple of hentai releases :x and didn't buy anything new,  then of course came WoW and I had even less interest in it....sooooo it doesn't look good for you.

I will post something again, hopefully around Christmas or New Year and I plan to make it big. I want to get everything out I previously mentioned, that includes Mao-chan v1-2, Otomen v1-3, Suzumiya Haruhi Manga v1-3, Gintama v1-13 and a new one Lucky Star v1-2 (I pre-ordered v2 when I bought v1 in May or something like that and it finally arrived).

While this is good news for you, this isn't: after I released all that, I will not be picking up any new series.

What will this mean? Well, I won't drop anything, I'll still keep releasing all series that are ongoing/I haven't bought all published volumes yet. The release rates will be quite low, but meh...I will be buying new/missing volumes when I feel like it and will release them at most once a month.

Here's just a list of those series:

He is My Master - of course only if the mangaka should continue this in Japan...

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - is it still being continued by TP or did they set a release date for v13? Last thing I heard it was on hold

Mushishi - well, it seems J.A.C. wants to finish it, but I'll still release those DelRey versions, someday (wtf...did I see right on DelRey's website, that they want to publish v8-10 together in July?)

Honey and Clover - v8 seems to be out, v9 out in March...this, too, will be finished eventually

Venus Versus Virus - maybe I'll release both v7 and v8 together, once v8 is out in March.

Yozakura Quartet - according to the DelRey website there are no new release dates for future volumes, so nothing else from me for now

Hell Girl - v6 is out, that's everything I know

Hitohira - I don't know anything about the status of the English releases, will v4 ever come?

My Heavenly Hockey Club - there doesn't seem to be a release date for v9

GA - v2 is released by Yen Press...

Of course the completely new series, I mentioned before, will also go on that list, once I release them, but I would have to look up, what was released since I bought these.

This is still a lot, but quite a lot of those series don't have a set release date for new volumes...

This should clear up most of the questions, you might have.

Don't expect anything for a couple of weeks.

Update 2: I will start working on the releases in a week (meaning January 1st or 2nd) but in the mean time I will finally finish up the Oh! My Goddess Novel.


  1. Thank you!
    Cant wait for Otomen ^^

  2. Thanks a bunch :) Your releases are always appreciated!

  3. Regarding Manga-updates deleting your entries - it seems that the rule was always there that no english scans were allowed - it was just that some slipped through the net and weren't reported for a long time - probably because many people didn't notice the rule (I know I didn't). As to why, well my guess is that they are scared of copyright notices (I believe they are a US site) even though they don't host anything..... Shame because the world consists of more than the USA and some of us can't just walk into a store for more than a small handful of titles and manga is too expensive to have shipped when you don't know if it's any good or not.. Oh well, I'll just check back here from now :)

  4. Hello! I can´t wait for Jigoku Shoujo *o*
    Will you upload all the volumes??
    Thank you! I love your work!

  5. Can´t wait for Otomen *o* I wasn´t interested in any shoujo title for many time

  6. You forgot to remember that there are *other websites* out there that accept links to book scans.

    Gigapedia, ccebook, freecomicsdownload, freebookspot, e-booksdirectory, ebookdb, etc. all accept links to scans of books that were published in English and provide notification that something has been released.

  7. Get caught up playing Wow? What side are you Horde or Alliance or do you play both? I know I've gotten caught up in real life and have recently gone back to wow. Completely different from even a year ago.

  8. what server do you play on??

  9. I play on EU-Anetheron, Aristor, Horde, German speaking realm of course.

  10. *shock with this announcement
    it's sad announcement for me after lurking in this site more than 1 year (dunno exactly when,(go here first time because He is My Master manga)

    i'm barely accept every part of it,
    except this part "I will not be picking up any new series.",


  11. Thank you very much!
    I’m eagerly waiting for GA v2!
    I was hopping you may show some interest in Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, Satoko Kiyuduki’s previous work, but due to your announcement I guess it won’t happen. Anyway, thanks!

  12. Wow is bad thing :EE
    I will wait for your Hell Girl releases.

    -lvl 80 druid :o

  13. It's all good. It's better for you to go at your own pace than burn out. I'll eagerly and patiently wait for releases that I haven't quite been able to afford for myself yet.

    - 80 Troll Warrior
    - 70's Warlock & Hunter
    - several 60's...seriously new lite wow is just too damn addictive and easy! That said, I haven't rolled and kept any new characters. I found early levels too boring, but all my poor stalled out 60's and up? Oh yeah, those are seeing some playtime. Anything that gets me through Burning Crusade faster is a good thing.

  14. Thanks for the update on the situation. Lol - glad I never got hooked on WoW (just lucky - I usually get badly hooked on games like that). Looking forward to the releases whenever you manage to release them - like furiouspuppet says,: it's all good. Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) :)

  15. Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  16. Thank you for all the scans! :)
    Please come back soon!

  17. dude, can you reupload the 1280 version of the Hell Girl volumes please ^^, only bolume 4 works now... :/

    i preffer the 1280 one, because the 1200 one is too small :(

  18. Too many RS Links are down, so I'll reupload all files.
    Just started and it seems it'll take 1-2 whole days (it is over 10GB...).
    When it's finished I'll make a new post for a link dump and delete those few old files, that were still online.