March 26, 2010

Once again, a status update

As I posted in some comments, I'm back and actually working on some new stuff.

The list of manga I'll be releasing is still the same: Mao-chan, Otomen, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Gintama and Lucky Star, I'll just release more books of some series. Otomen will be up to v05, Gintama up to v17, Lucky Star up to v04 and maybe one or two more of Suzumiya Haruhi, but that's still not sure. (Update: read this comment)

I'll release everything as one batch so you'll have to wait a bit more. Out of all the stuff I plan to release, I've scanned around 2/3 and maybe finished editing about 1/3. Only a few are completely done, but some are just missing the covers.

I'm sure I can finish everything in April, so it's in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, last time I said I'm not going to pick up any more new manga after this, but this also changed. Recently I've regained my interest in manga and anime, after I watched almost no anime last year and I read no manga from September till December. So I will be picking up new stuff, I even have my eyes on some in particular but I won't tell you what it is yet.

I have ordered the follow up volumes of some of my ongoing series: v07 + v08 of Venus Versus Virus, v08 + v09 of Honey and Clover, v02 of GA, v06 of Hell Girl but I don't know when I will get them and when I will scan them.

Well that's it for now, check back in a few weeks.

PS: can anybody tell me if Azumanga Daioh "needs" another scan? I've ordered the Yen Press Version and could release it in the future. I know kickthekitty scanned all 4 of them in the past and released an edited version of v04 , which looks very good but what about the rest? Manga Traders has an incomplete v03 and lurk has the unedited version from kickthekitty for v03, so I'm not really sure what to do...I could just edit the existing scans but honestly I think it would be faster for me if I just scan it maybe you can tell me what you think.


  1. Dear sir
    its feel good to hear from you . can you tell me will you release ah my goddess novel ?

  2. Ah, nice to see you active again.

    and for azumanga it's the new 3 (tanko) release or it's the old release?

    also looking forward to the GA Vol 2 release~!

  3. @arc1angel2
    Totally forgot about that, but yeah, I'm gonna finish this finally. The only things left with this are the illustrations that I have to scan and the ToC which gave me trouble when converting to PDF.

    The yenpress version is one book which contains all 4 volumes of the manga (600-700 pages, dunno). I don't know if they used the old translation from ADV or they made their own (they apparently translated Yotsuba& v01-05 again, after they acquired the license from ADV, so maybe they did the same thing here).

  4. About azumanga.
    I guess the main question here is wether yen press has better tl then ADV.
    I haven't seen yenpress version myself so that will be for you to decide.

    But if you do wish to use ADV version then just msg me, and I shall rescan all 4 volumes in 600dpi!

  5. Thanks for the offer kickthekitty!
    Both are made by professional translators so theoretically the differences shouldn't be big but who knows...I will compare the ADV version with the Yenpress version, the scanlated ones by Manga Basket, Eternal Sleep (and some other groups...) and maybe even take a look at my German copy by Tokyopop (well, I didn't like that one very much, that's the reason I'm buying the English version in the first place...) and make my choice after that.

  6. Update Azumanga:
    I got the book today and it's massive! No way in hell I'm gonna be able to scan this without damaging the spine of the book (it's 5cm/2in thick...) and I want to avoid that. So without even checking the translation, I know I'm not gonna scan this one. Just for fun I'm gonna compare the ADV and Yenpress version and post the results later.
    So now my only option would be to use the scans from kickthekitty or don't do this at all. I have to think about it.

    On this note, I got a few other books, Venus Versus Virus v07+v08, Honey and Clover v08+v09, GA v02 and Hell Girl v06. I should be able to finish these without delaying everything else, so you can look forward to these too.

    Update Azumanga 2:
    After looking at the first chapter in the ADV and Yenpress version and the scanlation by Manga-Basket, all three are pretty much the same. So far I like Yenpress the best, Manga-Basket second and ADV third. Probably the main difference is the editing of the translation. Yenpress often uses longer sentences while ADV keeps it short. Manga-Basket is more like Yenpress but didn't localize their translation (i.e. Name order or the tongue twister from Chiyo(pg. 16)). I even did some test scans of my book and as I thought, I'm not going to scan it.

  7. hee~, same old release.

    but in case you miss the news, the mangaka of Azumanga that now working on Yotsuba has "redrawn" Azumanga Daioh from vol 1 (+ draw several new chapters).

    that's why i ask it's the new version or the old version. well if it turns out to be the old release....

    also GA~! and Venus vs Virus~! XD XD XD

  8. I see. I only knew about those three new chapters (1 new chapter for each year) that were included in the reprinted edition last year. Dunno what other changes were made...

    Edit: read some articles about the new edition, meh...I like some art changes, but I don't like the changes he made to Sakaki (I only saw a few comparision pics). If Yenpress released this updated version I'd buy it because I like Azumanga but I doubt they are going to.

  9. im really excited about gintama :D thank you so much for your work!!!

  10. Well if you aren't going to scan yenpress then I will.
    I should get the book for myself in about a month.

  11. I'm really excited about Honey and Clover. Thanks a lot!!