May 24, 2010

Release - May

Update: 4900h version for Lucky Star added

Here you go! 7 new releases!

Doujin Work

Volume 1: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

Volume 2: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

Volume 3: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

Volume 4: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

It's hilarious! 'nuff said!

HOWEVER! unbeknownst to me U MAD released chapter 33 on Friday and are planning on continuing the series. By the time I noticed this I had already finished scanning all four books and didn't want to stop working on this...well, Media Blasters doesn't seem to have plans to release v5-6 right now anyway, so who knows if I'll be able to finish this. They released v1-4 within 8 months last year and now there isn't any news on a date for v5...this sucks...

Lucky Star

Volume 5: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W | 4900px H

I got it earlier than expected, so you get it earlier too!

For some reason this book and Otomen were really annoying to scan, they didn't stay flat on the scanner. This fucked up the leveling sometimes, as there were some parts on the page that were darker than they are supposed to be. It isn't really visible in this one because I removed it for the most part (though you can take a look at p006, the dark part next to Konata's head) but with Otomen I didn't bother...that would have been far too much work.

Also, no 4900h release for this one. Apparently some people really downloaded those last time...soooo if somebody really wants it I could make one...


Volume 18: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

v19 won't be released until I get v20 since it is already fully scanlated, so there isn't really any need to release it sooner.


Volume 6: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W

Not really my best release but maybe it's just me because I have to look at the images so long...

That's it for the releases. Next one will be Honey and Clover v10. Viz is going to release it on June 1st and I already pre-ordered it, so hopefully it won't take so long. Then in June and July I'll work on this batch release that I talked about in my last post (We Were There, La Corda d'Oro, etc.). I don't think there is anything else coming out that in that time I could release before.

Then something else. Recently (since April) I've been watching tons of TV shows...It started with Burn Notice, Castle and Futurama, continued with nearly 2 seasons of Family Guy, 1 1/2 seasons of Monk, all 4 seasons of Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place (aka Two Guys And A Girl) and some other shows that I had to catch up with (Bones, Two and a Half Men,...). Then finished season 1 of White Collar and started 24 and finished the first 2 much to do, so little time...

Enough with this, enjoy the release.

PS: I'm planning on re-doing the AMG/OMG novel. I figured out some stuff about the OCR software, so hopefully I can make a better release.


  1. thanks for the releases , was looking forward to lucky star and doujin work

  2. Taking Gintama and Otomen, thank you! :D

  3. 4900h Lucky Star please, thanks

  4. Whuoo~Hoow! Thanks~!

  5. thanks a lot!!!

  6. @limalama
    Alright, I'll release a 4900h version later today.

  7. Thank you very very much for Otomen!!

  8. woaaaaaaaaah.......dojin work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    donlod time........

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for Doujin Work. I missed reading it.

  10. Thanks for the otomen scans :)

  11. Doujin Work v04(1280w) download stops at ~20%. Don't have problems with other files. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  12. It's been downloaded a few dozen times and no problem was reported and I've downloaded it right now, no problems.

  13.'s all right now

  14. heh.....I found your scans of Yozakura Quartet and instantly fell in love with the series. Bought my own copy the very next day.

    Thank you very much Senfgurke-sama

  15. Thanks for Otomen!

  16. thanks so much, seriously respect man!

  17. thank you, thank you so much for otomen >_< i love it very much!!
    cant wait for vol07!!

    you are the best <3

  18. Thank you!

  19. Thank you for scanning OTOMEN!

  20. whooaaa..nice! thanks for the otomen! love it >_<!

  21. Are you still scanlating DoujinWork?

  22. It's not dropped but I can't release anything new if the publisher doesn't release new volumes.

  23. Thanks for Otomen, especially for the HQ versions! I know how much money and work you spend with this whole thing in order to give us these releases, we can't thank you enough! :D And your scanner is a magician, I'm always amazed how you can make these scans so awesome...:O