June 2, 2010

Surprise Release!

This is going to be a long post but please read it and leave some feedback.

Azumanga Daioh

Omnibus Volume: MU | MF | RS | 1280px W | 4800px H v1 | 4800px H v2 | read for explanation!

I probably shouldn't praise myself but this looks awesome! The scans were taken from Kickthekitty's page and they were already great, it was easy to work with them...although straightening and cropping took some hours, the real time consuming stuff came afterward...it took me two days to find the right settings for saving the files. Well...after I had those I just had to upload...yeah "just"...this is huge! It's nearly 700 pages, the 1200h version may "only" be 100MB but I had to upload this 3 times, then the 1280w version, 200MB is pretty good for 700 pages but the real killer are the 4800h versions!  670MB and 1000MB respectively!

Now to the difference of the 4800h releases: with v1, the smaller one, I saved the PNG files with 8 colors. Because of the high resolution it should look good enough but I can't really rate this too good because I can only look at them on a 15.6" screen and on 100% image size I just can't see enough of the picture. I don't even know why people would download these, I can't imagine anything where this high resolution is needed (seriously, tell me! Who downloaded the 4900h release of Lucky Star and really benefits from it?)...anyway v2 was saved with 17 colors (the PNG files). I can't really tell if it's noticeable but it should look better ("should"...it's more colors, meaning a smoother transition between the areas) but it's 330MB bigger, you have to decide, which one of those you want.

Also, because the size of this is so big (especially the 4800h versions of course) I ran this through PNGOUT to save some space (it took me 3 whole days! WTF?!). The saved space is pretty good, about 9% of each version but because I've never done this, I don't know if this will cause any trouble with you. I've tested the pictures with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, IrfanView and CDisplay and everything was fine so I doubt there will be any problems for you but let me know if there is.

Next I have a better version for the Oh My Goddess novel!

Oh My Goddess -First End-

Download v1.5: MU | MF | RS

This still isn't perfect since I don't have and never will really proof it against my book, though it should be much better than before. In the archive are a few different files, the best is probably the HTML file. All the other files are created/converted from that one. It also includes a DOC and a PDF. The DOC is included so that you can make easy changes (you could do the same with the HTML but meh...why not...). The PDF...well, it's PDF. These are created with MS Office 2007, dunno if that could be or is a problem for anyone.

I might work on other light novels in the future. I'm thinking about Onegai Twins and Moribito, maybe Love Hina (but this one sucks, so I dunno yet...) and if all this should happen, Slayers. Though this is totally uncertain and far in the future, don't ask about these. If there's news I'll let you know. BUT! if there is anybody who wants to help with this, tell me! Less work for me means a bigger chance for you to get it.

Then in relation to the poll, do you want more releases with a 4X00px Height? The X because not everything can be 4900 or 4800 pixel high. The resolution depends on the actual size of my books here at home because I scan all books with the same 600dpi. For example Doujin Work and Onegai Twins are pretty small, so they could only be around 4100px high. The standard size, stuff like Gin Tama, Mushishi, etc. would be around 4300-4500px high and a few books like Lucky Star or GA can be up to 4900px high. Although, like I said before, I don't really know why anybody downloads these (they are too fucking huge!) it wouldn't be any real extra work for me. The source files have this resolution and it's just two more Photoshop actions, plus the upload. If you want I could release most of the stuff from April and May (still have the files on my HDD) in that resolution so just tell me, though there would have to be a couple of people interested in this, not just one or two...

Anyway, enjoy the release!


  1. Thanks a lot for Azumanga. I downloaded Kickthekitty’s version when it was out, but it was like trying to read manga with a microscope
    As for the novels. I have two suggestions: Goth by Otsuichi and Zaregoto by Nisio Isin

  2. I'm really reluctant when it comes to buying light novels of longer series. I've bought Shakugan no Shana, which wasn't continued after v2, Full Metal Panic, which apperently gets a new release in 2011 after 3 years, Scrapped Princess which didn't get a release date for v4, Missing, that also wasn't continued after v2...it sucks that Slayers only got to v8 but at least it was some kind of conclusion, the end of a story arc...
    There are of course exceptions like the Suzumiya Haruhi novels which I would even buy if I knew only 1 or 2 volumes would be released and Moribito, just because I liked the anime so much (also the anime only covered the events from v1 of the novel, so it's kinda alright...)
    Goth is possible, although I don't like Tokyopop but I was interested in the series before but forgot about it later.
    With Zaregoto and Delrey I'm a bit conflicted (even though I don't even know what it's about...) because Delrey has a couple of manga titles that aren't getting released very fast, so how would it be with a novel...I mean v1 of this was released 2008 and now, 2 years later v2 comes out. I wouldn't really want to wait 18 years for all 9 volumes...

    Also you probably know but kickthekitty's release of Azumanga was just scanned, nothing edited...you could have just have the pictures run through the crop and straighten action in Photoshop (provided you have PS) to get a easier to read release.

  3. I LOVE 4X00! I like the way pixels shows on that size..

  4. altough i don't read this.. thx for the release. anyway i wanted to ask... are you talking about doing v1-7 of "SLAYERS - Super Explosive Demon Story" manga? :o since v8 was done by turtle paradise. Also "Slayers Special" v2-4 hasn't been scanlated. and v1 from "Slayers Premium"... :x also 4000~pixels is way too huge... no point in doing arduous work for very very few ppl :/ i really can't believe there's more than 20 ppl that actually download the 4000 pixels version.

  5. I was talking about the Slayers Light Novels before.
    And yeah, die 4X00px releases isn't downloaded very much but it's still 30-40 downloads.

  6. I vote 4x00px version. Most have good internet connections, so I don't think file size is really that big problem.

  7. Great! DelRey is releasing it on July 27...

  8. Big thanks for both of these releases - Azumanga in particular. I bought the first couple of vols ages ago but the last 2 never showed up near me (and now I'm poor so I couldn't afford them anyway) - the scans I saw before this looked like next door's dog had played with them for a day, so it's wonderful to finally read the last half properly. As for resolution - well I downloaded a couple in 4x00 resolution and like you I couldn't see the point really - I mean the printed item fits in your hand and I think that 1280w res lets you see it in pretty much the same detail as that. Other than that the file size is so huge that just a few series would suddenly require terabyte storage drives (I know storage is cheap, but IMHO that's just throwing it away).

  9. Yomiko Readman22 July, 2010 16:05

    Since the manga is printed at 200 dpi, 300 dpi would already be a magazine, anything above 2000 px height is just wasted.

  10. Hmm... It is already 3 months since the last comment, and i didn't know if someone read this but i want to suggest it all the same...

    Here is my suggestions.. I proposed that normal 1200h/1200w as usual for the full book. And make that 4800px size only for cover, colored pages and good two pages spread in separated downloads.

    Because, in my opinion i think that digital scanlated manga should not have exaggerated size for normal black and white pages. But a huge size for above mentions can be used as wallpaper....for example.

    *hint*And....i would like to see Yotsubato in here.*hint*

  11. Hey,

    Thanks for the awesome upload. I'm trying to download the high-res versions of Azumanga but it seems all of the MU links say "Temporarily Unavailable." Is that on your end or is it just MU being wonky?