July 22, 2010

Status - July

Here are some news that are not so good for you.

New releases are delayed for now. The reason: I'm broke! I have absolutely no money right now and when I get some, I'll need it for some other stuff first. This means I won't be able to order Mushishi or Otomen when they are released soon and maybe I can't even do it in August. Maybe you can expect something in September but I'll keep you updated.

It's probably not so bad to keep a low profile right now with all the stuff of these Japanese and American publishers...

Rescans are also on an indefinite hold (mostly because I'm really, really lazy)...

That's it. Until my next post...

PS: My Nintendo DS is getting more and more awesome!


  1. aw, I must wait again :(

  2. Good idea to lay low. I really don't want to lose another great site!

    PS: do you need a donation to continue your work?

  3. Well, you ever get bored then remember that Random Scans is simply >stuffed< with unedited scans.
    So stuffed in fact that we can't acquire new books due the lack of editers! (Sadly neither Mushishi nor Otomen is our style though.)
    Anyway I will put up a scanlator recruit post to my site during weekend, so check out see if any of mentioned series would happen to hold your interest..

  4. Yes, it's a wise idea to hide a little :P Anyway, it doesn't matter if you can't deliver manga for some time, you've done more than enough :D! Thanks!

  5. good idea to keep a low profile...thx for your hard work:D

  6. Oooh! Too bad about Mushishi - I was really looking forward to it.

    But I understand your situation. It might even be wise to take this site off-line for a while, 'cause it'll surely be targeted...and it'd be such a pity if you had to give up scanning for good :(

    Thank you for letting me experience Mushishi, and I really hope you'll be able to scan the last 3 volumes someday!

  7. Thank You kindly for everything and yes, please stay low for now, we understand :DD . *Hug-gu*

  8. Good idea with the low profile. Might have to wait more for releases, but loosing onemanga was a big shot, and i just discovered this page. And thanks for all your work til now (and that that is coming :P)

  9. I don't really need donations and I don't know how I could set a proper system up. It's just that it'll take some time before I can buy and scan new stuff.

  10. Sure! I just wanted to help if you needed it! But it appears that you have everything in hand. Good job!

  11. Thank you so much for all your work - staying low is probably good, and hope you stop being broke some time soon (and not just for this site!) ;D