September 7, 2010

Status - September

Well, it's been a while so let's get right to it.

I'll buy a new laptop this week and need all my money for this, so when I've got it I can buy some books again.

First will be Lucky Star and maybe the last Mushishi but I have some concerns for this. As you know I didn't scan Azumanga myself because it was too big and Mushishi will be even bigger. I don't know if I can get a decent quality when I'll do it...

Oh yeah, one more thing, I'm starting college in two weeks and I don't know how much time I will have at first. Scanning a book here and there is probably no problem but nothing fancy. Lucky Star v6, hopefully Mushishi, maybe 1-2 volumes of Otomen this year but I will keep you updated.

That's it, so let's close this post with a picture of my new USB flash drive:

I've seen this some time ago on the web and build one myself today. It's actually working and has a 4GB capacity. I opened a USB plug, put in a small flash drive and closed it again. I just have to remove some glue to make it look better and it's perfect! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. noooooooo i hoped lucky star would be uploaded tomorrow...well now im gonna get pwned.
    anyway, good luck with everything. hope you get money soon, both for your life and for all us who want to see your scans.
    Once again, good luck.

  2. Please, please, please scan Mushishi as soon as you find the money to buy it!

    I'm sure no-one would mind even if the scan quality isn't all that great. But it'd be such a shame to not be able to read such a beautiful piece of work until the end.

    Please do continue, and thank you so much for scanning Mushishi!

  3. otomen~.... TT_TT

  4. "USB flash drive"? interesting =D

  5. Hmmm Just wondering will you also be doing Happy Cafe(Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume) which is now licensed by Tokyopop

    Well, think about it XD, because i really want it ><

  6. I like the series but I don't like TP. Also It will take about a year until they caught up with the scanlation releases right now and I doubt it will stay this way, there'll probably more real scanlations.
    So probably no because there is no need.

  7. Hey, when you have the chance to scan manga once more, can you do Yu-Gi-Oh!, pretty pretty please with sugar, whipped cream, chocolate chips and a cherry on top?

  8. I agree with Callie. It doesn't matter even if the scans are just MQ - but please do Mushishi when you can afford to buy it!

    Thank you for your hard work, and hope to see the last 3 volumes of Mushishi sometime in the future! :D

  9. Thanks for the post - and good luck at college (I guess you'll have started by now) - have fun.