October 3, 2010

Status - October *still updating*

Good news everyone!

I'll buy Mushishi this month. Also I'll buy the new Lucky Star books when v7 is out, December 7 and scan them afterwards.

Otomen and Gintama are still halted, so is everything else.

This is all, till next time.

Edit: I ordered the book today (October 24) so it should be delivered in a couple of days, dunno when I'll start scanning it though, I'll keep you updated.

Edit2: Got it today and it's massive. Next week I'll make some test scans to see what it looks like and then I'll post again.

Edit3: Small problem with my scanner. I can't install it properly because some download links on the manufacturer's website aren't working (since I'm using Windows 7 now I need set up everything again). The drivers are working and I can scan stuff but not like before. I've already send an email to the manufacturer and maybe they'll respond in the next couple of days.

Edit4: I got the Software but I've yet to install it. I'm not at home until Saturday night, so I'll test it on Sunday and post again.

Edit5: Still haven't gotten it to work properly. I'll contact Avision again.


  1. yay lucky star

  2. hooraaa~y!!!
    thanks a lot, senfgurke-san!

  3. Oh, thank you so much for Mushishi! You're wonderful <3

    Thanks again and good luck with your life! :D

  4. I'm really happy to here the good news about Mushishi XD
    Really looking forward to it! Thank you very much!

  5. i'm curious about that usb/flash thing... what did you do exactly?

  6. U re awesome thanks a lot.
    In germany i dont have the opportunity to buy mushishi because it isnt released here,so this is the only way i have to read it to the end.

  7. Thanks soo much for Lucky Star =D

  8. how many of you got here through the link in lss forums? XD

  9. thank you sooo much =3

  10. @Tsumetai

    almost all? loooool

  11. I hope the scanning won't be too difficult...

    Thank you very much for your efforts!

  12. Thank you for keeping us updated! Yeah, switching OSs can be a real pain <_<
    I hope it goes well so you'll be able to scan Mushishi soon.

    Good luck and thanks again! :)

  13. It's so very nice of you to keep us updated :3
    (Most scanlators don't do that, and they tend to make me somewhat anxious)

    I can't quite put my appreciation of your efforts in words...

  14. thanks for the update

  15. Oh and...

    YAY MUSHISHI!!! \o/

  16. LOL, genius.

    bet you get that thing where they say "your call is important to us" and hold you up for 5 hours before asking again what do you need.

    well, hope this doesn't frustrate you too much.

  17. mmm. buy new scaner? :o