December 3, 2010

Status - December *2nd Update*

No need to update the other post all the time, I'll just make a new one.

Nothing new with the scanner, I have yet to get a response from Avision. I'll just clarify what's going on: the scanner works on Windows 7, I can scan and I have already scanned something (meaning the driver is working). The problem is, that I used a specific program to scan, I could just push a button on the scanner and it would save the picture on my hard drive in my preferred file format (I never needed to do something on the computer itself). This was extremely comfortable and if I have to sit in front of the scanner for multiple hours and scan 1000+ pages I want it to be as easy an possible. So you'll have to be a bit more patient :>

Secondly, I've just ordered the new Lucky Star books, v6 and v7. While v6 should arrive in a few days, v7 is released on the 7th, so it'll take longer, depending on Amazon, when they get the book and when they send it to me.

I'll update this post when something changes.

Edit: Lucky Star v6 was delivered. However...since WoW: Cataclysm is getting released in a couple of hours, you'll never hear from me again, as I'm never going to leave my computer chair again. Sucks to be you :<

Edit2: Lucky Star v7 was delivered and I'm already lvl 85 in WoW, hopefully I'll get the scanner going this weekend and can start scanning next week.


  1. :D at least i know i will have something to read on christmas. thanks!

  2. Since I know I'll get to read Mushishi someday, I'll be very patient! XD

    Thank you for your efforts!

  3. You don't need to ask us to be patient.

    You're doing this absolutely for free, no one here has the right to complain about anything at all.

    But yes, thank you for doing this for us. ^^

  4. I've been looking for the Honey and Clover manga for quite some time.
    Only things I have found were incomplete fan translated ones.
    Thank you SOOOOO much for completing that manga <3

  5. cant wait for mushishi

  6. I'm just posting here to say that you are an absolutely WONDERFUL person!

    That you so, so, soooo much for your uploads! You have no idea how much I personally appreciate them. It's really nice and kind of you to go to so much effort to upload all these volumes and at such fantastic quality too.

    Thank you again :)

  7. Freaking WOW player... >.<

    I don't know, I haven't been playing MMOs in years, but the mere perspective of going through hours of grind only for gaining a few levels already bores me to the soul.

  8. @_@ woot two volumes of lucky star...

  9. Hey, what about Gintama? Have new volumes been coming out?

  10. Yes, Viz has published v19 and v20, though I think v19 was already completely scanlated by someone else, I dunno about v20. Nevertheless, I said everything except Lucky Star and Mushishi is stalled and I don't even know when I get these out...

  11. Sorry to be sooo forceful, but I want my Lucky Star *fanboy drool* Thanks for all your help in getting those scans =D

  12. I love you man!