April 21, 2011

Mushishi - Progress

This is a short post about Mushishi (who would've guessed...).

I started scanning and just finished the first chapter. I will probably scan one or two more, maybe the complete v08, which hast five chapters and after that I'll start editing them and maybe release the first chapter on the weekend. I aim to release one chapter per week, meaning releasing all chapters would take 15 weeks. I will make one post and update it accordingly whenever something new comes out.

This is it for the time being, check back on the weekend.

PS: Portal 2 is awesome, I already beat it twice...though I have yet to try the coop mode.


    Only one word for this...

    HELL YEAH!!!

    ...damn, two words.

  2. I was reviewing my incomplete manga and I am really glad when the first thing I see in your site is an announcement about Mushishi.

  3. Oh woooow! Thank yoooouuuu! You're awesome!!!

    This manga is so darn...beautiful. It'd have been a shame to never finish it.

  4. This manga is so darn...beautiful. [2]