April 2, 2011

Oh noes!

Well, this was easy...

I'm sorry it took so long, even more so when I look at the solution to the problem with the scanner...I'm almost too ashamed to talk about it. So here it goes!
I've said before that I had problems getting the scanner to work on my new laptop running Windows 7 or to be more precise my preferred scanning program. All this time I never thought about trying it with my second PC! It runs Windows XP, so there should be no problems, I thought. I literally came up with it about an hour ago while trying to go to sleep. At first I wanted to do this the next morning but I know myself and I would've probably have forgotten about it or if I remembered I'd been too lazy to test it. So I installed all the drivers and programs and of course it works...I had some problems at first but as you can see from the picture it scans!

This obviously means I'm not dead yet and can scan again. Although I will say this right now: I plan on taking it slowly.
My priority is Mushishi 8-10 and Lucky Star 6-7. I have no idea if I will continue after that. I haven't bought any manga in a couple of months and if anything it's going to be Lucky Star for now and v8 apparently isn't out before June. I also have no idea if I'm continuing to release like before, meaning whole volumes at once. Since I don't know how fast I will be doing things I'm thinking about scanning a chapter or two at a time and releasing it.

Now I will have to do something about this site, reupload all the stuff and whatnot...well damn...

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