May 30, 2011

Release - Gin Tama v21 c176-184 + Mushishi Re-scan v01-07

Volume 21: 1200px H | 1280px W
Chapter 176: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 177: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 178: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 179: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 180: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 181: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 182: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 183: MU | MF | 1280px W
Chapter 184: MU | MF | 1280px W (v21 end)

Even though there's still some time, please tell me if there's a "need" for me to scan v23 of Gin Tama. It's already completely scanlated but I have no idea how the quality is. I looked over it and the few pages I saw looked ok but I really don't know. So just leave a comment please.

Mushishi is also done and there will be an announcement soon.

Edit: Mushishi re-scans are released. Get it here!
For the time being I'll make it BakaBT (Torrent) exclusive, please don't upload it anywhere else (for now). Next week I'll provide you with more download links.
I'll be honest, this probably isn't my best work. Often text is printed too far in the middle and it got cut off...not too good...but it's the best I could do.



  1. Thanks a lot for putting in the effort to scan and post these releases. :) Will look forward to the Mushishi announcement!

    You can scan Gin Tama v 23 if you've time - The scan collection would become perfect. :D

  2. thank for your scan
    the the quilty is good as well as the speed

  3. Many thanks for upgrading Mushishi. I'll wait for the download links(as my ISP shapes torrents).

  4. Yay, I've been waiting for Mushishi!

    Thank you very much! :)

  5. new scan for Gintama v23 would be great =D

  6. Thanks for completing v21. V23 scan would be great!