May 15, 2011

Status - May

Wall of text incoming but please read it.

Now that Mushishi is finished, I'll go right to Gin Tama (well, starting Wednesday...).I'll release one volume per week, one or two chapters per day.

After Gin Tama is finished I have already other stuff planned that'll keep me going for at least another couple of weeks. I'll make a post for every new volume I release and write any updates regarding the status or progression of my ongoing series in there.

Next is something big for me: I'll start accepting PayPal donations. I know I only started scanning again a few weeks ago, but...well it's been kinda fun...Right now I have things already scanned that will keep me going for another two months (with my current release schedule) and some other series that I plan to scan in during that time for another two to three months of releases. Now, I also know I said I'm not considering taking donations for now a while back but I thought about it and it's probably the best option for me right now. There are some projects that are a high priority and I will buy myself as soon as a new book gets released, i.e. Lucky Star. But what about everything else...there are a few projects that I started but don't have the money to get new books at the moment and that probably won't change for quite some time. This is why I want to try it. Please tell me in the comments what you think about this. I want to make an extra page, essentially explaining it again maybe in greater detail. Don't hold me to that promise though, I know how lazy I can be.
Alright, here's what I planned for now. There are 3-4 series that I started, new volumes have come out but I haven't bought them. These series are Sumomomo, Suzumiya Haruhi and Hell Girl, maybe GA but I have all available volumes and there's no release date for the next one. Otomen is somehow special. I have all but one available volumes at home right now and I like it enough that I would buy it myself but the question is when...Now! If somebody decides to donate, you can leave a small message. Just write the name of the series that you are interested in the most. If enough people donate for one series I'll buy a new volume and release it asap, maybe even provide some links earlier to anyone who donated but I don't know that yet. Again, tell me what you think about it in the comments.

I want to make this post sticky for now, so you'll find any new releases after this one.


  1. Hint, they can track you rather easily with paypal.

  2. I don't think it'll be as easy as you make it sound...otherwise nearly every scanlation group couldn't continue what they are doing.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the Lucky Star scans. I have the books,but I find the print a bit too small to be comfortable. I think LS was originally designed for the larger size magazine it appeared in.

    Also If I have a favorite strip,I can send it to my printer on letter size paper. So,thanks again,I have a scanner,but I would have to crack the binding to get it perfectly flat on the scanner glass.

  4. Thanks for all your scans, they are sooo awesome! I can't wait to see Otomen volumes 7-10 and GA volume pressure, you're doing this for free in your own time, so I am very grateful. Keep up the good work!

  5. It's great to see you back in action!

    Which leaves me with one question...
    Can I put link to your site to my blog? People have asked for it few times. At first I didn't give links since I expected that my blog would be killed as well, but that's clearly not happening for some reason.
    It's good to be ignored I guess.

  6. kickthekitty's blog has been taken down :( Be careful senfgurke2...this website is probably a bit too public (most other groups that scan published volumes don't have a website) I hope this doesn't stop you from releasing scans though!

  7. yeah I noticed that. If this site gets taken down again I will move to LJ and make everything members only but let's cross this bridge when we get to it.

  8. Yeah, speak about ridiculous timing. Good thing I got a back up. Should be up and running by tomorrow.

    Well, guess it's good I never put that link there.


  9. We are up and running!
    No one can keep kickthekitty down!

  10. I'd love a chance to donate. I'll always be grateful for your work on Mushishi among other things.

    Another thing I've always wanted to propose is would you consider donations in the form of manga? Or perhaps think about accepting books to scan and sending it back to its owners? Instead of buying everything yourself?

    Not sure what kind of damage your scanning style does to the books but it's worth a thought.

    Hiding behind anonymity, but you can call me restless

  11. Donating Manga...hmm...probably not.

  12. I'd like to donate. How can we set this up? I liked reading the Hockey Club series.

  13. Glad to hear that. There is a button on the right side for Paypal donations. Though just as a fyi, no release dates for v09+ are out yet and who knows when Kodansha is going to continue the series.

  14. I think wp is more strict when it comes to copyright
    you should be fine for a while

    best place for this would be a forum;popular one like hongfire or nihonomaru

    btw do you detest people making requests?

  15. I'm all for requests, if I consider it is another question though.
    And I don't really like forums so moving to one would be one of my last options.