June 11, 2011

Re-scan Weekend - Mushishi

Here we go, something old! Here are your download links, check for the rest of Gin Tama v22 after this post.


Volume 1: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 2: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 3: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 4: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 5: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 6: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 7: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 8: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 9: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 10: MU | MF | 1280px W | 4400px H
Volume 1-10: Torrent (1280px W)

I will say once again, this isn't my best work. Too much pages are cut off in the middle and because of that partially unreadable though I haven't checked the old files of it's better there, gotta have to do that. All in all it's still better than the previous release so get it if you're archiving these.

I want to do this on a regular basis. I will be releasing Otomen next and I believe those books don't have 7 chapters per volume (don't really know how much but probably 4-5). I plan on releasing my regular stuff during the week and re-scans on the weekend (though if there are 7 or more chapters per volume in other releases I will do the same as I'm doing right now).

These re-scans are getting released per volume, not split in individual chapters. Even though I won't do the same as with Mushishi and get everything out at once I don't want to limit it to only 1-2 per weekend either...3-4 sound about right. I'll start with my very old stuff, the things I did before I even knew what leveling was.

Next weekend will be the first volumes of Girls Bravo, after that's done Kashimashi, Eureka Seven, He is My Master, etc. I don't know if and when I'll re-scan Tsukuyomi Moon Phase...but it'll probably come rather later than sooner. Oh well..

Oh yeah, I'm going to release 4X00px versions every time now, except when it's some older books for which I don't have the PSD-files anymore. Otomen, Sumomomo and Suzumiya Haruhi are in luck since I still got these. GA I'm missing v01 and I don't want to scan it again or have one book without this version...if you want I could get you some 4X00px releases for a couple of completed series. Mao-chan, Onegai Twins, Doujin Work...leave a comment if you're interested.

Lastly, if anyone is making Torrents on BakaBT in the future for my releases, please let me know. I want to link to these from here (I'll do that for the old stuff soon). The best thing would be to leave a comment on any page or post here. Thanks!


Edit: I had a look at my old files of Mushishi and what I saw is definitely worse than this!


  1. Thank you very much! I only needed books 3-6, so I was waiting for this :)

  2. Thanks a lot, senfgurke2. :)

    Are the 1280px releases a scaled down version of 4400px scans?

  3. Well...you could say that. They are all scaled down from my source files, that are a bit bigger. They aren't however scaled down from the final PNG/JPG files.

  4. Thank you so much for the scans!

  5. Thank you so much!! Best scans ever.