June 27, 2011

Release - GA v03

GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Volume 3: 1200px H MU | 1280px W MU
Part1: 1200px H MU | 1200px H MF | 1280px W MU | 1280px W MF
Part2: 1200px H MU | 1200px H MF | 1280px W MU | 1280px W MF
Part3: 1200px H MU | 1200px H MF | 1280px W MU | 1280px W MF
Part4: 1200px H MU | 1200px H MF | 1280px W MU | 1280px W MF
Part5: 1200px H MU | 1200px H MF | 1280px W MU | 1280px W MF (v03 end)

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

This'll be released in 5 parts and the last volumes of Girls Bravo will follow on the weekend. I'll edit in some 1280w MF links later.

Check out the poll on the right and read the explanation in my previous post.

Edit: I'm looking for someone who can help me editing some scanned pictures, joining double pages, re-drawing stuff, probably about 10 pics. If anybody is up for it, just leave a comment or something.


Update 27/06/11: Otomen v1-6 4X00h are split and I'm uploading them overnight. Lucky Star and Azumanga will come tomorrow. Mushishi might take another day. I'll be splitting them by chapter(s), though I'm doing something else for the 4-koma stuff, similar to GA, doing it in parts. Also, anyone interested in 4X00h version of Dojin Work?

Update 28/06/11: Azumanga and parts of Lucky Star are uploaded. Otomen needs more time since it's at the end of the queue...check my MF folder (linked on the About page) for the links, I'll update the project page later. Oh yeah, I'll probably also upload my 1280w/2000h versions to MF next week or so.

Update 30/06/11: Azumanga, Lucky Star and Otomen 4X00 versions are up. I'm uploading Mushishi right now and Girls Bravo after that.


  1. Thanks so much, I've been waiting for this!!

  2. thanks.
    but GA part 2, 1200H MU link is not available and you put 1280W MU link to 1200H MF link.
    Just imo, but 4x00H for manga is overkill, If there's anyone dld-ing it, I wonder what kind of monitor they use to view that resolution
    the ideal is 1200H to 1600H I think.

  3. Thanks for the info on the wrong link I fixed it. The 1200h MU link worked though, was probably just a temporary problem with MU.
    I know 4X00 is overkill, I wouldn't download it myself. I have a 27" with a 1080p resolution so even when I'm looking at pics in fullscreen, I wouldn't even need the 1200h...only when I'm reading 4-koma scanlations I'm viewing the images in their original size and scroll around (since the text is too small sometimes). Nevertheless I'm surprised by the download numbers for the 4X00h files, even newer stuff like Otomen or Mushishi have already a couple of dozens of downloads. I have no idea why but if so many people seem to like it, why not give it to them?

  4. Many thanks for the mediafire links for the 4x00H Senfgurke :) Might need to clean up my hard disk a bit before downloading them... but thank you again.

    As for the reason I download them... it's in thinking that maybe one day in the far future the monitor size might go to that size though yeah... doubtful XP

    And for others I don't know but it's probably more of a "let's keep a copy of the nicest quality around" kind of reason. Or so.