June 20, 2011

Release - Otomen v08 c01-04


Volume 8: 2000px H MU | 4400px H MU
Chapter 1: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU
Chapter 2: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU
Chapter 3: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU
Chapter 4: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU (v08 end)

I wrote far too much last week so there's nothing left now.


Edit: Something came up and I could use your help. Apparently not everyone can access MegaUpload and this means downloading my 4X00h releases is going to be very difficult. So I'm looking for an alternative where I can upload those files (additionally to MU). The hoster should have a decent download speed and either no limit or one that doesn't really matter, even if you download a couple of these big files. The upload limit shouldn't be under 1GB per file since most of the 4X00h files are 400-600MB big and in rare cases up to 1GB! Right now I'm considering ifile.it which looks alright but please let me know what you think and if you maybe know of a better one.


  1. From ifile's faq:
    "it seems uploading / downloading very large files over HTTP is an unreliable process and its hard to make any guarantees above 100MB"

    So ifile seems like bad choise.

  2. I use Megaupload myself(even have an account there), but depositfiles.com seems to be the most commonly used. They have a 2GB file size limit.

  3. Depsitfiles is probably used so much because you can make money with the downloads which I'm not interested in anyway. Also I believe they have a waiting time after you've downloaded something, depending on the file size more than 1h.

  4. Wasn't aware of that. I'm out of idea's then. :p

  5. I'm uploading right now to jumbofiles and look how the download is.

  6. what about filesonic?

  7. Maximum download file size 400 MB according to their site. Dunno what that means since you can upload 1GB files.

  8. ok, I figured out how to upload from Megaupload directly to an other hoster.
    Jumbofiles had an error, saying the file was too big.
    Ifile finished three files pretty fast, another three are still being processed.
    I'll download soon and post the links so you can test.

  9. Thanks for the update!

  10. Was thinking about fileserve because it handles 1gb+ files for free users but I'm normally premium so I can't wouch for waittimes during peak hours.

    Pretty bad for small files though

  11. Sadly ifile has a problem with some files. Remote uploading takes so long that it's automatically canceled after 30min.
    I'm uploading those files myself though and share everything with you tomorrow.

  12. Split the files and use mediafire.com there are no download limits (that i have ever hit), you can download files in parallel (unlimited) and there is no wait time.

    The only issue is the file size limit.

  13. I thought about splitting the files but that is just too much work. Plus all my 4X00h files are over 13GB (with 1-2GB more every week) which would just take too long and their remote upload is only available to premium members.
    Fileserve looks ok, downloading some files as a free user right now and 15min wait time between files is alright. Plus it has a remote upload feature, which means little work for me. ifile just has too much problems with some links and I don't really want to keep uploading stuff overnight...
    Fileserve remote upload takes longer compared to ifile but it gets more files and doesn't time out. There are still some uploads pending but if those are complete, no matter how long it takes, I'm going with FS.

  14. ><;;;; included among the banned sites, are fileserver, and depositefile (along with megaupload). Sorry for not mentioning those earlier ><;;;;

  15. Well, this sucks...next one is Putlocker, never heard of it but 1GB size limit, remote upload and apparently no download limit...we'll see

  16. ><;; uh.. apparently that is also among the banned sites. I thought it was a urm.. download(?) site, like warezbb(which is also banned) but that's a file sharing site instead huh... It might just be easier for you to upload them all by chapters on mediafire instead of finding a good file sharing site.

    And, while I am at it. Here's the sites that got banned in my country (just in case one of them that I haven't mention turned out to be a file sharing site):

    the Pirate Bay

  17. hmm I didn't know medifire limited remote upload like that.. it's the only one that offers unlimited downloads/resumes/threading etc. megaupload is great, but only if you live in north america. Try http://www.jumbofiles.com/ ...

    In any case please choose one that doesn't force you to wait a long time between downloads it's extremely painful to wait at times.

  18. Apparently MF is the way to go although I hate the fact that I have to upload over 10GB...again...
    Jumbofiles, despite listing a 1GB file limit, claims the files are too big, who knows what's going on. Tested with files 250MB, ~400MB and 998MB.

  19. Oh and warez-bb isn't a file hoster, it's a forum where download links are posted. Pirate Bay should be well know, also not a file hoster though but a torrent site/tracker. Filestube is a kind of search engine which crawls through different sites and gets the download links.

  20. And lastly (I hate the fact that I can't edit my comments...):
    of course it's easy to upload the 4X00h stuff to MF that's already split in different chapter, meaning only Otomen v7+8 right now. The hassle is everything else. Otomen v1-6, Mushishi, Lucky Star, Azumanga, Girls Bravo and all other normal scans and re-scans that are going to be released eventually and old stuff that I still have my source files and could get you a high-res version (i.e. Dojin Work).

  21. Alright, I found the problem with jumbofiles. When you're remote uploading the size limit changes to 300MB, totally useless...helps to be able to read though since it's written on their site...
    I'll try to get the files ready for MF upload over the weekend and start uploading next week. I don't know if I'm going the easy road of just packing the files again but split at 200MB or go through each volume and split by chapter.
    Argh I hate everything...all of you included!
    Have to get Girls Bravo ready first though...

  22. again thank you very much for the scans...