August 22, 2011

Release - Otomen v11 c01-04+Extra


Volume 11: 2000px H MU | 4400px H MU
Chapter 1: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Chapter 2: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Chapter 3: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Chapter 4: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF
Extra: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4400px H MU | 4400px H MF (v11 end)

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

I have to say I'm getting this out in a pretty timely manner. It's not even been three weeks and here we go! This one comes to you once again courtesy of Ares, a big thank you to him.

Also this book mark the beginning for daily releases for a couple of weeks. I'll start with 5 days of Otomen, followed by some Yotsuba&! on the weekend and go right into Hell Girl v07-09 next week. I'll put in more Yotsuba&! whenever I have time and need a filler.

Be sure to check out my new request page, well more suggestions really at this point. To tell the truth I'll probably reject a lot of manga that are being requested/recommended. With so much out there and different people having different tastes that's bound to happen. I'll try to answer every comment in a timely manner and hopefully with a satisfying reason why or why won't I buy a certain manga. Please read my post first though and follow the guidelines as good as possible. So far a common problem was either the availability, i.e. book is out-of-print and you can't get them new anymore or the publisher dropping publication. I don't really want to buy or release more of those series that I or you will never get the chance to finish. You can keep suggesting different series of course, I don't care if you make a hundred comments, I'll read and answer them all.



  1. Thanks so much for scanning this! And thanks again to Ares for the donation that made it possible! Can't wait for the whole volume!!

  2. Thank you for the scans! I downloaded all Otomen's volumes from here, but I never really thanked you properly. All these are in such a great quality too, so thanks again for the hard work. I will download Mushishi from here too, because the links are really good too.

    You are proposing joy for people in countries that don't publish these mangas. Thanks! m( ̄▽ ̄)mアリガト

  3. thank u sooooo much i really cant express how much im thankful but really thanks hehe

  4. Thank you so much, Otomen is one of my favorites mangas!!! :-)
    What do you think about realsing manga "Sensei!" - KAWAHARA Kazune?

  5. Not possible because it's not licensed in English.

  6. one million thanks for your hard work.....

  7. thank you for selflessly sharing these stuff to us!^^