August 5, 2011

Release - Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro v01-02 - Kickthekitty

This isn't from Netcomics! What is happening?!

Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro

Volume 1: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4700px H MU
Volume 2: 2000px H MU | 2000px H MF | 4700px H MU
Volume 1-2: 4700px H MF

Note: Please use the MegaUpload links as much as possible so I can get a month or two of free premium service some day.

I was interested in this for a long time and even thought about buying it myself at some point. Then, last year I noticed there were scans on Kickthekitty's site, downloaded them and forgot I even had them...
Recently I stumbled across them again and decided to edit them, just for me really since the scans were quite readable already and there were also other places to get both volumes from, though I don't know if those are based on the same scans or original ones (I don't think so, since they don't look so good)...and since I did it, I might as well share them.

What I did with the scans: split the pages, straightened them and tweaked the levels, Kickthekitty helped me with editing the color pages too. I put raw cover pages in because the ones from the scans really didn't look too good and I had no patience to re-draw/edit them (download the original scans and you'll see what I mean). They look more or less the same, just everything in English (duh), so it doesn't matter too much. Everything else was very easy to work with as always with stuff from Kickthekitty, big thanks to him.

Now, to the series itself, it's from the same mangaka as GA and has been on hiatus for years...maybe it gets continued one day but don't count on it...

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  1. I think there's mistake in baka-updates.
    There IS v3 raws. Though it does not seem like it would ever be published in english.

    Here's a site which is dedicated for collecting scans of v3 raws (I think it has most of the chapters):

    Spread the word. Hopefully some scanlator team will take this series as a project now!

    I will upload all pictures from that site in a archive by monday. I'm a bit out of net right now.

  2. I've downloaded them myself and uploaded an archive, so no need for you to bother with it
    Pretty much a straight rip from the site, folder structure and everything.
    Those are magazine scans and if that's everything that's come out since then, it just wouldn't be enough to warrant a third volume (under 90 pages). I don't know if you can trust those dates in the file names though. "c3" says 2009 while "c7" has 2008, I can't really believe this. There are 9 magazine covers though that could correspond with the "chapters" somewhat and that means the latest is from 2009...
    Ah well...I don't know and don't want to research anything really...

  3. Thanks a lot, senfgurke2. This series is very good. :)

  4. links are all dead are there any new ones by any chance?